Here's Your First Real Look At Watch Dogs' Multiplayer

Ubisoft teased Watch Dogs’ multiplayer during the PlayStation 4 event in February and then showed the game’s asymmetrical mobile integration during E3. But the video above is the first true glimpse of what has only been described in words.

The clip shows what it will be like to hunt down another player who's trying to hack you, as well as the other side of that experience when you're trying to stalk someone and invade their playspace.

Update: The video has been pulled. We've reached out to Ubisoft to find out why.


    Ubisoft-- which is why I wont get this game. That developer is shit

      That is one of the most stupid statements I have heard today. Ubisoft is a very good company that develops amazing games.

        As long as they don't keep forcing uPlay on us. It's horrible.

          Yes, they're an excellent developer and a silly, greedy publisher.

            Okay, Publisher- Whoever forces that Uplay crap.
            Plus their always online single player games.
            I'm wary of them now

      Jokes on you, Ubisoft is a publisher with the second largest amount of developers in the game biz (I'm assuming EA is number one). Your statement is fallacious and you should feel bad.

      Also, they're hit and miss, but the didn't get to where they are making shit games.

    Working link of video:

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