Hey, The South Park RPG Still Looks Really Good

Yes, it's changed publishers and been delayed a few times, but South Park: The Stick of Truth still exists, and it still looks amazing. Here are some new screenshots from the Obsidian-developed RPG, which is written by the show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Originally slated for last year (and then earlier this year) as a THQ game, South Park: The Stick of Truth was purchased by Ubisoft when THQ went bankrupt back in January.

No release date just yet, but it will be at E3 next week.


    God would this hurry up already!!!!!!! I want this damn game! :(

    still got this pre-ordered at GMG... lol they better honor it

    This months game informer said it was being released later this month, I asked the guys at eb he said he hap seen it to but they had nothing on the system about it

    Been so excited for this since it was announced, HURRY UP! :D

    Given how little work they'll have to do on a conversion, I'd say this'll end up as a launch title for someone...

    I was like yay, then saw Ubisoft and was like nooo

      Why? They are not the ones making it and their games are usually really good anyway

        Anno 2070- Game was awesome pirated.. Then I bought it and all the extra crap I have to put up with.. Ubisoft was one of the worst offenders when it came to always online to the point that the pc version of one of the assassins creed games was unplayable.

    Well if it's being shown at e3 it hasn't been dropped. So that's good.
    So it's coming......erm eventually

      I strongly suspect it was probably more ready than is being let on, but it's being artificially delayed for reasons @banderdash alluded to.

      Either way, don't care, it'll be a good thing to get eventually. No hurry. Day one/preorder purchase is now my new enemy.

    I actually took a week off work to play this (the last released date )

    Walk into EB "hey, where is TSOT can't see it on the shelves anywhere?"
    EB guy "blah blah bankrupt blah unsure release date ect..."

    God have mercy.

    I spent that whole week feeling lost.


    I bet they're delaying it so they can add it to their financial reports for the new financial year.

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