Hooray: Skulls Of The Shogun Is Escaping The Clutches Of Windows 8

To the disappointment of many, the PC version of 17-BIT's weird and enjoyable RTS Skulls of the Shogun was tethered to Windows 8 upon release. If you wanted to play it on PC, you'd have to upgrade your OS. No one wanted to do that. Thankfully, the game's finally breaking free.

Starting next month, SOTS will be available in a new "Bone-A-Fide Edition" on Steam and the Humble Store, and it'll play on any PC, not just those with Windows 8.

The new version includes the entire original game as well as, according to the PR materials sent out with the announcement, "a challenging brand-new four-chapter episode that takes place after the original game's ending." Well, that's a nice bonus for those who've waited this whole time to play.


    Awesome! I was following the production for awhile and was disappointed in the Windows 8 requirement.

      Definately a Great game for surface touch screen especially with Hot seat gaming, but glad it's available to everyone now shame windows 8 isn't actually that bad tbh I beleive if you are that fussed about technical aspects of an Os just install Linux

      Indeed. On hearing about the W8 requirement I shrugged and resigned myself to never playing this 'awesome game' everyone was talking about. Good things come to he who slacks off?

    Article says 'RTS' however the video says turn-based? Hodor?

    I presume this won't have the cross platform multiplayer between Windows, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone though?

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