How Big Is The PS4? Let's Find Out

Unlike the rest of Kotaku’s NYC-based staff, I’m not out in Los Angeles for E3. But Kirk and Jason are there, and they’ve heroically pulled stuff out of their bags to measure against a PS4.

Keep in mind that the unit in the video behind a glass partition, so questions about smudge resistance or build feel will have to remain mysteries for a little while longer.


    Darn Evan, sorry to hear that they left you behind. I guess someone needs to hold the fort.

    I hope the consoles don't crackle like my current PS3 does (the first slim model released). Whenever it heats up or cools down, you can hear the plastic go crack, snap and pop.

    The actual design of the PS4 isn't too bad and it doesn't look that large.

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    I own none of those devices. Why not simply put it next to a PS3? Surely that would have been a more relevant comparison.

      How silly of them not to do that. Of course all the reporters would be carrying PS3 consoles around the show floor with them...

      Most people don't carry a PS3 around with them.

        Pretty sure he means put one behind the glass next to the PS4 for a size comparison.

          Pretty sure that would require carrying a PS3 around with you.

            Knowing full well that people would be wanting size comparisons with familiar devices, the guys in charge of the display should have provided a PS3 behind the glass as a reference.

            Seeing as though you needed it to be spelled out.

    Here's a comparison in size to the PS3 slim:

    This is based on the dimensions listed here:

    I just hope that the console doesn't have the motherboard heating and warping issues that the original ps3 systems had. I got burnt (metaphorically). My save games for LPB2, Demon's Souls, and ICO went with the system, as I hadn't backed up for 3 months prior. Damn the encryption on the hard drives! There went my 2 hour ICO run. Do you know how long it took for me to make that?! Hint, longer than 2 hours.

      Mine crapped out, but I pulled it apart and pulled the heat gun trick to get it working again to transfer my saves to another machine. The original machine lasted another month before dying again. I hate my PS3 slim though, doesn't work anywhere near as smoothly with my PlayTV as my PS3 fat did.

      I nuke the motherboard on mine... I so needed to clean that thing out more.

      Mind you, I got the version 1 slim, no issues at all.

    It's huge!!!!

      if they didnt make it huge then how would they sell more consoles down the track when they market the "slim" version

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