How Do You Get Anime DVDs Back From An Elderly Grandma?

It's never too late to start a new hobby. Just as one Japanese reader of website My Navi, whose 89-year-old grandma only somewhat recently became a huge anime fan. And now she won't return the grandchild's anime DVDs. The nerve!

In My Navi's advice column, one reader wrote about grandma and her new anime obsession. "Grandma lives with my dad, my mum, my big sis, and I," the reader wrote. "And I'm the only one who's an anime nerd."

The reader's anime enthusiasm was a family secret, only to be enjoyed in private. "My grandma found out," the reader added, "And that resulted in me loaning her all my anime DVDs." The reader thought she's quickly return the DVDs, but something unexpected happened.

The grandmother totally fell in love with the anime Hellsing and even started working quotes from the show into daily conversation. She also thanked the grandchild for introducing her to these cartoons, adding how great it was to experience them before she died. But...

"She hasn't returned any of my DVDs," the reader added. "How can I get the DVDs I loaned to her back?"

Online, people seemed thoroughly amused by the story, saying it was not only great that the grandmother found a new hobby, but also very cute. "What a wonderful grandmother," wrote one commenter. "I respect this. That being said, this is pretty effing funny."

Others said to swipe the DVDs when she wasn't around, or simply wait until her anime fervor cooled. With Japanese people living longer than ever and the country being home to over 50,000 centenarians, it could be some time before those DVDs are returned.

うちのばーちゃん(89歳)がヘルシング(アニメ)にハマってしまいました [MyNavi via ネタりか]


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