How To Fix Your Broken PS3 After Last Week's Firmware Update

A week ago, Sony released new firmware for the PS3 that unfortunately messed with a lot of people's consoles, trapping them on a menu screen. Well, having pulled the offending firmware shortly afterwards, Sony now has a fix for those affected, as well as an updated firmware that hopefully works a lot better.

If you're trapped on the "ribbon" screen, you're going to need a USB stick with at least 168MB free space, and to download the new 4.46 firmware using a PC.

Sony has the full instructions here.

Those who heeded our advice and held off on updating their PS3 last week, you can go ahead and download 4.46 now. It should — fingers crossed — work better this time.


    good old ps2 never needed updating

      yes but the good old PS2 was never online...

        You obviously never had the PS2 online network adaptor

        Say that to my PS2 LAN adapters face!

          I know about the PS2 LAN adaptor (I have one)..only a small section of people had them (weather it was to play online or for homebrew stuff since it had a hard drive connection on it as well).but I'm talking about the majority of PS2 users don't have it (since it was a optional item)

          There was no updates for the PS2 (nor the Xbox for that fact) due to game developers thinking it doesn't need it... Updating got more prevalent when the 360 and PS3 came out and people were playing online and game devs saw it to keep updating their games (like what they do on PC)

        The AU\NZ PS2 Online community was amazing. We were 150+ strong every night. One of the best communities around back then.

    If this was nintendo there would be about 10 articles telling me why nintendo is behind the times.....

    Last edited 28/06/13 9:06 am

      Nintendo's last console couldn't do 1080p. Fucking right it's behind the times. Literally 5 years behind the times. I'm surprised the Wii even had fucking Wifi

        How many games on the current generation consoles do 1080p?

          all ps3 games man, you just got to tell your ps3 to do 1080p, its in the settings menu

            Nah, while the PS3 can output 1080p, the majority of games were designed to run at 720p. This kept development costs down.

            Lol. Almost none you mean!

            95% of PS3 games are in 720p.

            That's just forcing upscaling and reducing your FPS.

        bloody fanboys

          So pointing out limitations makes me a fanboy? I'm not so much fanboy as PC Master Race anyway. The point remains that the hardware itself is five years behind the times. There's nothing to justify calling current generation at all. Who knows, maybe in five years time Nintendo will start talking about using the same hardware as the PS4 or Xbox One?

    Can't help but think that if this was Microsoft bricking 360's for the past 1 (2?) weeks that there would be a little more "outrage" about it and how Xbone is going to fail rarararar...

    Also what if you don't have a USB stick? I guess you have to go out and buy a Sony USB stick to update your PS3 that was broken by an update from Sony. Conspiracy all around us...

    Last edited 28/06/13 9:28 am

      I think any USB drive would do. Could probably use your phone if it's got enough spare storage.

      You might find more outrage on US sites where more people might have been affected. I think they pulled the update before most people in Australia had a chance to download it anyway.

        If they don't have a USB stick laying around somewhere, I doubt they own a phone with USB capabilities.


          And if they don't own a phone with USB capabilities or a USB stick then they probably don't have internet access to have downloaded the dodgy firmware in the first place. Or they might not even have a games console. Or even electricity, for that matter! :P

      Any HDD with a USB connection will work - and 168MB is tiny now anyway. Thumb drive or whatever doesn't matter - just a storage device with a USB connection will work.
      I would be surprised if anyone with a connected PS3 wouldn't have access to one (even my brother who has very poor internet access can update his PS3 without issue and he is a technical retard most days).

    My PS3's disc drive just died. Wish I could fix that with a 168 mb file on a USB stick :'(

      Could be worse - you could have your PS3 die and lose everything because there is no way to access the HDD. At least you have a PS3 still.

        A PS3 that can't play Blu-rays is not worthy of the name unfortunately.

        But yeah, at least he can still access his HDD.

          This is all true. I'm thinking it's not such a bad thing - getting a new 500gb slim and downloading all the PS+ games I haven't had space for. Go digital for the next year or two on the back of free games while PS4 heats up.

            It's good that you're looking on the bright side. I still have my original fat PS3 and I've been worried that it's going to cark it for ages now.

            It's still going strong thank goodness. Which is amazing as I saw my son crash a toy car into it as hard as he could the other day. Upon questioning, he admitted that he does it all the time.

              Mine has been used really heavily for a good five years now and this is the first thing that's gone wrong. The worst thing about it is I'm 3/4 of the way through The Last Of Us.

                Same! What a game huh?

                I just got through the elevator level in the hotel. That was tough on the nerves. I had to take a wee breather after that.

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