I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF From E3

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF From E3

Taken from a video by the folks at Digital Trends, this GIF is kind of unreal, and I can’t stop watching it. Just another example of what it can be like for women to be at a convention like E3.


  • Can you give us the option to up vote and down vote articles? This gets a massive up vote from me hahaha.

    • I want to downvote it – for some bizarre reason my computer decided that it can’t do anything else except loop that gif??

  • The expo is supposed to be about products, business and fun games. This sexually-charged atmosphere is so upsetting to see. It scares off so many women who would otherwise love what our industry can offer. Drop the sexual tension and we could even start to see new genres emerging that don’t reduce women to objects.

  • I think his secret is his blue tooth device. Frees up his body to perform such moves…..

    • Have you ever seen teenage girls at a 1-Direction concert or public appearance?

      Sexist motherfuckers….

  • Not to get into the whole debate of what women wear, but seriously?

    If the purpose of clothing like that isn’t to elicit looks, then what is the purpose? Love of wedgies and groin choking?

    • To make themselves feel good I guess. I don’t think I’d like to be gawped at, tbh. Anyway, this article’s mostly just to show the funny GIF

    • Nono, don’t you understand? They’re only allowed to be looked at by people they want to look at them. Hot guys/girls they’re into. You’re meant to know in advance that that’s not you.

    • Noone’s saying you can’t look. There’s no law against looking. But don’t be a sleaze about it and make them feel uncomfortable about it.

      It’s common sense. That guard was a buffoon to carry on like that. But he must’ve burnt a lot of extra calories that day from all the dance steps.

      But guys like him are why so many of the decent guys are afraid to even look at a nice girl. We don’t want to be confused for a sleaze. They wreck it for all of us.

    • I dunno about you, but in the middle of summer I wear as little clothing as possible. But apparently when a girl does it it’s because she wants guys to turn around and stare.

        • Are you kidding me? She’s wearing shorts and a long tank. Equivalent to underwear? Are you okay? So the only reason for you to not almost trip yourself up doing pro ballet moves trying to check out a girl who is wearing regular summer time clothes is if she’s wearing a burka or something? Good god. Fancy not wanting to wear my safety anti-sleaze floor length potato sack because it’s warm and because I’m not a god damned lunatic. Fancy that.

  • Eyes to the floor people… Follow the coloured lines please… This way to pick up your non-descript jumpsuit….. Sir eyes to floor thanks… Ok please proceed along the line on the floor please keep looking down…. Okay here we are at the Sony booth…. You may raise your head and look at the screen, and only the screen, in 5…4….3….2….


    When will people learn to leave their human nature at the door. Or at least fill out the consensual form about finding someone attractive!

  • Another example of what it’s like to be a woman at E3? That’s not soley an E3 thing.
    I think it was Andy Williams who once professed: “The boys watch the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by”

    Everyone checks each other out.

    Of course there are examples of bad stuff happening as in the link from this.

    But surely we cannot IGNORE HOTNESS. If that was some buff hot dude who did the only walking fliperoo checkout would it be deemed as bad?

  • Not to get into the whole debate about women and what not, but she isn’t really that good looking? :S

    • LOOOOL im glad i wasnt the only one thinking that.

      and as stated above, its not just E3, i check out women walking down the street, in the mall, while shopping, hell im always appreciative of hotness.
      if its attractive im going to look, if you’re wearing cloths that dont cover you’re arse or tits, im going to look, then make judgment about you potentially being easy and or skanky.

      • Gotta appreciate the finer things in life, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

        I read the article the other day about the flirting and groping and stuff at E3, which I will agree, is not right. But I don’t see what’s wrong with a sneaky peak. Doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not life threatening, it’s just good ol fashion hormones, doing their thang.

        • Yeah, theres no need to be a creeper about it, take a look, appreciate the view then get on with what ever you were doing/life.

          …..unless you were being a creeper, in which case unfold the trex arms and move along.

      • I have eyes with millions of microprocessors in them. My eyes can decode it and reconnect all of the pixels whilst upscaling to 1200DPI within mere seconds.

        But really, I just looked at the gif image, you can quite easily see her….

    • I know/hope that’s sarcasm, and I believe women should be able to ware what ever they like without being labelled, but I don’t see how these kinds of shorts could be comfortable at all.

  • What if she stumbled walking past him and he turns around to see if she’s okay and she was fine…so come on people…some innocence here…lets not assume he was thinking of sexy time!

    • Nah, ive done that enough times to know that’s straight up the “check out dat ass” twist with a swagger turn. ๐Ÿ˜›
      its one of those moves where you know you might get busted so at least make it look classy.

  • The problem I have with this sort of thing is that it is NOT an E3 thing, this is a people thing.
    In this clip we see a person looking at another person, oh no how terrible… Women check men out too.
    That someone should do this at a convention is not news this sort of behavior can be seen on the street every day, and it’s really not that bad (as far as we can see he didn’t make any crude remarks, or whistle or anything inapropriate). Now yesterday’s story about actual harrassment and completely inapropriate actions is a different matter, even then I don’t think it should realy be used as a piece on how hard it is for women at E3, or necisarrily hard hard it is to be a woman… It strikes me that it’s really a story showing that some men are jerks. As has been pointed out numerous times the majority of attendees at E3 are male, I suspect the percentage of men who are jerks at E3 is the same as in any trade show, bar, or nightclub… but when there are almost 50,000 people there and they are mostly male, and it goes seven hours a day for three days plus parties ect, the chance that a woman will run into a male who is a jerk gets significantly higher. I’m not saying it’s acceptable behavior, only that it’s predictable, the world would be much nicer if we could all learn to be decent to eachother.

    I do not see a issue in the behavior in this GIF, we are a social animal and we look at things we find appealing or interesting, there is a BIG difference between this behavior and the behavior in yesterdays article.

  • Guy checks out girl after she walks past, like any normal heterosexual male would. Clothing and location don’t mean shit.

  • C’mon guys, enough with the false sexism equivelents. There is nothing sexist about seeing an attractive person of the opposite gender and having to do a double take. Do you look silly? Sure! Can we all have a laugh at the guy, sure!

    But I have seen both men AND women do retarded stuff such as walk into doors, lightpoles, spill their drinks, food, etc, because someone they found really attractive walked by.

    If he had wolf whistled at her, or grabbed her ass or screamed “nice tits!” then I’d be the first to shame his dumb ass, but as it stands this is much to-do about nothing. Kotaku is really starting to turn me off with all it’s drama mongering about E3 and the video game industry in general. There are enough real problems out there that you don’t have to sensationalize the most trivial stuff to get page hits.

  • I think the more pressing issue is that the person of the elevator is now doomed to never reach the top

  • Cause this isnt how every man acts when an attractive woman walks past. Keep this up and people might start to suspect this is simply sensationalist crap which neither helps or hinders a very real problem. Still it got my view so I guess mission accomplished!!?

  • I don’t think this has anything to do with E3. You could stand on any busy street and see the same thing all day.

  • EVERYONE looks, some are simply better at hiding it due to respect/embarrasment etc… Truth be told, my labido aint much to write home about, but I still picture you naked from time to time. Its rarely pleasant, but Im curious.

  • Is anyone else getting sick of the constant demonization of male sexuality? Ever since Sarkeesian started her kickstarter I’ve been predicting this, it always happens when women integrate en masse into male-dominated spaces. Every tiny thing that happens is sexism, yet somehow it’s ok for women to enjoy garbage like twilight and Nicholas Sparks movies? Go figure.

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