I Wish We Had Local Game Coverage Like This

I end up watching a lot of news in my line of work, and one thing that is frequently hammered home is this: the mainstream media doesn't know what it's doing with games.

Across the board what you see on television (with the exception of business reporting) is at best marginally competent and at worst ignorant and hyperbolic. Which is why I find the BBC report above about the Game Republic showcase, as well as this story yesterday, so refreshing.

The clip above, taken from BBC Look North in Yorkshire, is an example of how local news should be approaching games coverage. It's positive, upbeat, approachable and sees the game industry for what it really is: a cultural asset and a viable career path.


    Trust it to be the BBC to not sound like a Mother character, that calls every console a Nintendo. This is a good step to the future, yet still a small step.

    that's Yorkshire for you, doing awesome in the world

    I was amazed and impressed. Right up until the very final sentence in the clip. >.

    If that report was on fox news it would have been about games designer courses corrupting young people by training them in how to make better murder simulators.

      I personally got a distinction in the murder simulator unit of my bach.

      BBC never get it wrong do they?


      And here it is on Youtube, hilarious stuff.

    "But as the devices we all play games on get smaller, so do the barriers to the next generation..."

    Yes! We all play games. Playing games is normal. Why does most of the media not seem to get this?

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