If Only 3D Animation Was Really This Easy

I’ve always wanted to be be an animator, but it's always seemed like a complicated, arduous process. If only there was a simpler way...

Now there is! Well, not really. Check out the video above by animator Giovanni Braggio, as he shows you just how easy (fictional) CGI animation is.

[Vimeo Staff Pick via Chevy Ray Johnson]


    That was awesome. I like it because the animation was actually pretty good, and because I've had rigs get broken/corrupted and flip out before, although I always make sure to mute the screams.

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      Skinning has to be my biggest pain, there is always one vertice from a random place attached to one of the fingers >.

        totally agree with you on that...

          Last time I tried it was on Maya 2010. It was a nightmare. Vertices all over the place seemed to randomly decide to change their weights randomly. Seem to be some better tools now, though. Weight capsules and whatnot.

    I’ve always wanted to be be an animator, but it’s always seemed like a complicated, arduous process.

    Just do it. No harm in getting out a roll of paper and just animating by hand. Don't have to use a 3d program

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      Wh..what? Are you insinuating that some manner of artistic expression can be performed without the use of digital electronica and thinking machines?

      Madness! MADNESS!

      A witch, I proclaim! You, sir, are some manner of witch! Or possibly warlock! Burn him! Or her!

      This is a very good point. If you want to be an animator the very first thing you should do, before ANYTHING else, is get a stack of post-it flip books and draw a ball bouncing around.

      You can do it digitally if you really want, but you'll be tempted to muck around with more advanced stuff which will stunt your learning. Animate a ball bouncing. Don't do it in 3d. Do it in 2d ONLY. And spend a month which just your ball.

      Start with making the bounces appear realistic. Get it perfect. Then move on to making the bounces seems cartoony. See how much you can push it. Then you can give your ball a bit of life. See what you can make a ball do. Read up on all the cool stuff you can do with animating a ball, get the bounces right,

      After you've spent a while with your ball, then you can move on to a square, or a sack, or two balls. Playing with two balls is amazing! :P But the point is, don't just try to start moving a 3d character rig around, it will be too hard, but more importantly, you'll be learning the wrong way and you'll eventually have to go back to the ball if you don't want to spend forever being a crappy animator.

      Start small. Start ball.

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