If The Final Fantasy X Remake Does Well, FFXII Could Be Next

If The Final Fantasy X Remake Does Well, FFXII Could Be Next

Right now, you can play any mainline Final Fantasy game on a modern system — PS3, Vita, iOS, etc — except for two: Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII. Both PlayStation 2 entries have never made it to other platforms, and anyone who’s tried to play PS2 games on a high-definition television might understand why people are begging for remakes.

Later this year, two will narrow down to one: Square Enix is giving FFX a new coat of paint on PS3 and Vita. That leaves Final Fantasy XII as the odd moogle out — the only game you can’t play today without digging out an old console. But! Square Enix is cognisant of that, and if the FFX remakes do well, FFXII could come next.

“If they do well, I think this will pave the way for more of the previous games to remade in an HD sort of quality,” Final Fantasy leading man Yoshinori Kitase told the folks at RPGSite.

“I mean, if we had to single out one of the vast number of Final Fantasy titles which we could make in HD, it would have to be Final Fantasy XII,” he said. “I was not involved in the project, though, so we can’t really comment on that.”

Cool. And then maybe a 3D remake of Final Fantasy VI? Please?

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  • You left out FFX-2
    Although I believe that FFX and FFX-2 are being re-released at the same time

  • Oooh. I would be much more excited about a FF12 remake than FF10. But yeah, FF5 and FF6 remake, pleeeeeeease!!

  • I want VI to get the love that IV did. Give me a massively enhanced port on the 3DS or Vita please.

  • Yes please! The only reason I haven’t played my copy of FF12 is because I’m waiting for a high-def version.

    • FFVII is on the PSN. Download it if you want it .-. (this sentence is a joke).

      FFVII would take SE years to remake, as they have to make the huge world, give every character voices (which people will cry about/demand Japanese audio), change the battle system somewhat and so forth. The final product will most likely piss players off in some way.

      • I would settle for a revision with better character models and some voice acting. They can leave the systems and backgrounds intact!

        • That’s what the PC community is for (excluding voice acting and Sony console) 😀

  • It’s a shame the X and X-2 will be released on the ps3, after the ps4 has launched in Australia. And won’t work on the ps4.
    (I’d love someone to prove me wrong)

      • That’s the thing tho, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did worse due to lots of people moving over to ps4, that say if they released it now, or only on the ps4

  • I’m going to ask the question of “Why?”

    FFXII was a mess. A try-hard offline MMO that had more cash in spin offs than any other title in the series. Outside of the story, which was decent compared to what else is out there and has been since, the game was utter rubbish

  • Everybody worth their salt knows IX is where it is at…

    IX was the comeback of decent FINAL FANTASY…. and the end of decent FINAL FANTASY

        • if you experienced FF6 before you took the dive into the PSX FFs, then it was a great experience, but if you played it for the first time after all those, I’d say it was “good”.

          • Yeah, I played Chrono Trigger around the same time (12 years ago now) and thought *that* was amazing. But yes I had played FF7, 8 and 9 by that time, 6 didn’t do it for me at all.

  • Let’s hope X and X-2 don’t do well then.

    Did I say spidey-sense? I meant stinky-sense.

  • I have recently been playing the patched english zodiac version emulated in HD. Its beauuuuuutiful. You dont even need the remake pretty much, but i’ll be glad to see it. Especially if they bring the zodiac job system with it.

  • WOOT! I can’t wait for a HD release of XII. That is one of my favourites. Great battle system, no random encounters, cool hunt system, good characters and decent voice acting for once. What more could I ask for 🙂

  • 12 was bloody brilliant! Ok sure, Vaan was annoying and Ashe had a giant pole up her arse, but cmon! Balthier, Fran, hunting rares, epic optional bosses, and one of the more open worlds in the series!
    I eagerly await the day that this entry finally gets the respect it deserves. Just like 8, it may take a while, but it will happen.

  • i just want them to do a proper remake of 6, 7, 8 and 9. if an of the final fantasys need a remake it is those 4 as they are some of the most recognizable of the series aswell as being the most popular

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