If You Pre-Order Gran Turismo 6, You'll Get An Easier Game

Part of the joy of Gran Turismo is just how hard it is. You have to work your way up from nothing to get the best cars in the game. Or you can just pre-order Gran Turismo 6 and get a head start on everyone else.

These days, everyone needs a reward for doing something. So if you pre-order GT6, the lowest reward you can get is four free cars. That's right, just for pre-ordering a video game, you get a BMW Z4 GT3 racer, Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, Tesla Model S Performance, and a Corvette C7. And that's before you play the game.

If you pre-order from GameStop, you get 20 free cars, including the four above. If you pre-order from Amazon, you get $US1 million in credits in the game right at the start.

Ok, so pre-ordering now takes the challenge out of GT. This game is about working from the ground up. You get slow cars, you tune them, you buy faster cars. One of the most important choices was your first car purchase in the series. Free cars and money basically negates the game.

People don't want to work for anything anymore. Half the fun of GT was that challenge of working up the ladder. If that's gone, what's the point?


    DAMN RIGHT!!!!

      Damn straight!

      I remember when I were a lad, we didn't just get GIVEN a million credits to start a new GT game with. We used to spend the first 6 months of the game just WASHING the cars in order to EARN enough money to buy a 2nd hand old clunker!

        So true and if you wanted to get a million credits you had to drop 30 bucks on a game shark. Yeap i just took it back GAME SHARK!!!!

    Then don't pre-order it? Though I do agree some of these pre-order "incentives" are getting ridiculous.

      I agree, except when those "free" cars cannot be obtained through normal game play
      If half the game is starting and building up, the other half is collecting all the cars you can

        GT still exsists? The last few iterations were woefull... Polyphony logic "lets make 100ish premium cars that look mind blowingly amazing" "and the other 400 with ps2 graphics nobody will notice your R34 GT-R Has no in car view or any visible damage" well played Polyphony well played

        If that's the case, then that sucks. I suppose in such a situation you could not redeem the code for the content until you were further through the game?

    This would be like pre-ordering Football Manager '14 and receiving Messi to put in whichever team you want to start off with

    This sucks but more and more things are being made to be geared towards kids and we all know kids are stupid

    Well the 4 cars you get from gamestop wont be usuable till you get to the higher leagues so the build up is still there.
    Maybe people shoukd just choose to not use something they don't like????
    Then everyone wins due to choice!

    So just like almost any other pre order from the last few years then?

    The fact this is a Jalponik story makes me think there might be a wee bit of bias, since they have a deal with Forza.

    The thing is, you are saying that as though you (or indeed any player of the game) would EVER have all the cars in the game... unlocking a few cars is pretty irrelevant really, as is the credits which would only purchase 1 to a few cars anyway anyway.
    And as for making it easier? How so? Any unlocked vehicles would have no impact on GT's licensing system... Your article is bad and you should feel bad.

      no, you're wrong.

      The early stages of the game where the prize money is fairly low and the difference between winning and losing could be a set of sports tires is going will be spoilt by starting the game with $1m balance. It's like the douchebag that brings a Ferrari to the VW Beetle cup.

    As long as those pre-order cars can still be obtained by playing the game normally, I don't care.

    Hear, hear - starting out has always been the best part of Gran Turismo. taking your cheap runabout and modding it to get the edge is great fun. I used to delete my save file once I had a garage full of exotics and a full bank and start again.

    I bet if you buy the Collector's Edition, the game will just take you to the credits and unlock all achievements.

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