I'm All About Battlefield 4's Commander Mode

This is how I want to kill you. I've tried killing you in the trenches, face-to-face, but that rarely ever happens. You're behind me, with a knife. You're rounding the corner just as I'm turning to look the other way. We bump into each other in the alley and you recover from the surprise a split-second faster than me.

But Commander Mode is back, and I don't have to do that any more.

I will sit back in my chair, tablet in hand, and watch you and your team scurry like mice across a tiny toy battlefield. I will direct my men to your location. I will rain death upon you and cackle like a mad god.

Yes, Dice — this will do nicely.


    Any word on whether it's tablets only or will phones be functional as well?

    I'd love to be able to command battles on my lunch break, but I'm not weird enough to own a tablet [read: oversized phone without the ability to call people].

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      Hopefully it'll work on X86 touch screen devices.

      Wouldn't a mobile phone screen size be too small for the Commander Role?

        Depends on your phone and finger size/if you have a stylus I guess. :)

      You should try one. They are actually pretty great. I'd use my ipad only if it wasn't wifi only.

        Yeah, I've tried... I guess they're just not for me.

        If I was to buy something portable it'd be a full blown gaming grade laptop.

    For a minute when he started talking, I almost thought it was graphics and that wasn't actually him.

      I'm still not convinced that he was a real person and not CG.

      If that is a real bloke, his mouth makes me reconsider all the trash-talk I have made about CG characters and how their mouths never look real.

      He has a face that makes CG look good.

    this is a series that really makes changes to their games unlike cod which is there is no much innovation......

    This is the first thing I've seen of Battlefield 4 that makes me want to get the game.

    Not sure about this. Could be really good or really bad. As someone who only games a few hours a week, it's hard to keep up with the serious players in a lot of matches. Frankly, I'm happy if I get a positive k/d by the end of a match. I can see this being a great tactical addition and a different way to play, but I also worry that it will make more matches very one-sided given the potential learning curve. I hope that some of the maps/modes are playable without the commander role for us more casual gamers.

    tl;dr. Could be the new jet/helicopter. If you haven't logged 1000s of hours practice, you just run around on the ground getting pounded.

    Hey it looks like that other game... you know... the one thats had this idea for 10 years...

    Natural Selection.

      Apparently you never heard of Battlefield 2 & Battlefield 2142. Commander mode is an old Battlefield staple, and was sorely missed in BF3 by a lot of the older players.

    So.. only tablets can use commander mode? :-/ I hope they still keep the ability to take out radar dishes and the artillery on the ground to take out the commander's abilities.

      No you can use PC and now the Tablet via Battlelog.

      You could still be in game shooting and then switch to Commander on your PC, whereas with a tablet you would log in to Battlelog and choose your server to be a commander in i'd assume.

        Ah that's alright then. Nothing more satisfying then sneaking behind enemy lines and shiving thr poor commander while he's busy in map mode :-P I hope they make them have to stay within battlefield limits though, not back in border protected spawn spots.

          By the sounds of it they're making it so that the commander can't be killed in game by traditional means.

    I really miss commander mode from 2142, very glad to see it back in the game.

    it could work on the Galaxy note 2. Side note Swedish girls are sexy.

    Interesting how nearly all of the videos that have games with tablet features have them shown off by a chick in a cafe. I rarely see chicks sitting alone in cafes playing with their ipads :-P

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