Insane 'Route 66' Mod Turns GTA IV Into Grand Theft Turismo

Despite never having been to the US - he used photos and movie clips as reference - nine30 has made this incredible mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that turns the city-sized game into one giant and very not New York desert road. The mod, which isn't yet available for download, is so long it takes over three minutes of high-speed driving to complete.

It also has roadside diners, cracked desert bitumen, traffic, the works. Amazing stuff.

As the video above shows, throw in some modded cars as well and you've got an all-new game.



    This is incredible! I wish I could just wake up one day with the skills to mod haha. Rockstar won't release GTAV on PC to stop things like this :(

      Eventually it'll be on pc. wasn't gta 3 released on ps2 first and then later onto pc?

        Yeah that's true I guess, GTAIV eventually found it's way too. That makes me more upset, why delay it at all? To preserve the game as long as possible?

          Makes more sales and less piracy. Also bug fixes and stuff I guess. I don't mind.

            Considering that the GTA IV PC port was an absolute piece of shit when it was first released, some people still can't play it on their computers because it's that bad.

      Still not definite (I'm holding out for it) but Rock* said that it was because PC sales were poor for the other GTAs. And just because they broke records with GTAIV sales doesn't mean they can afford it, GTAs are enormous

    Please, no more mods, i don't think my install of GTA IV can take anymore, albeit i only have two installed at the moment but thats normally the number you have before mods start to interfere with each other.

    That long stretch of road/open desert area would be great for a sniper battle/capture the flag/general shootout.

    I just wish it had a manual transmission mode. I can deal with whatever camera angle, I just need manual! I would love to see a Dirt/Shift/Grid clone from rock star though.

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