Inside The Japanese Arcade That Looks Like A Hong Kong Slum

Japan has an array of arcades. Many of them have their own personalities, but only one of them looks like this. Located in Kawasaki and called "Anata no Warehouse" ("Your Warehouse"), this arcade is apparently based on Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City.

Back in 2009, Kotaku reader Landon checked it out, saying, "It's 18 years-old-and-up, extremely dark and dirty, and basically looks like what an arcade would if it were in Silent Hill."

But don't let looks f00l you! "They also cater to gamers sooooo well for an eight story arcade," Landon told Kotaku at the time. The upper floors are supposedly filled with game cabinets.

And, more recently, Japanese site Another Tokyo snapped a bunch of photos. Here's a tour of a most unusual arcade.

ウェアハウス川崎店の再現度は常軌を逸してる [Another Tokyo]


    Deified Carp! I love industrial and urban decay. Man, we never get the awesome things. Though it sort of looks like the kind of place you'd find a nightclub or Rave.

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