iOS Game Center Runs Out Of Green Felt

Talking about the sleek new look of iOS 7 at the WWDC keynote today, Apple's Craig Federighi shows off the new bubble-fied version of Game Center, quipping "Game Center — we completely ran out of green felt." Thank goodness.


    Hard to find the apple news in amongst the PS4/XBOX announcements, but the new IOS looks pretty sweet so far.

    im not a huge apple fan but I can appreciate that they spend time and effort on design.

    how the hell they ever paid anyone for the complete and utter shit that game centre was is beyond me. it was absolutely hideous.

    im not sure the new one is good. but it'd be pretty hard not to be better

    Death to skeuomorphism!

      I can't for the life of me understand why the internet hates skeuomorphism. Enlighten me if you care to? In my eyes the interface design of iOS has gone from a subtle, elegant look to a hideous, simplistic catastrophe.

      As for this new iOS. I think it looks terrible, really awful. The colours and icons all look like they allowed a 6 year old to choose them. The hue of everything actually hurts my eyes. The font, some new terrible form of Helvetica, offends me deeply. It looks cheap and nasty and contributes overall to the exact look of the competitors like Android I specifically avoided because of their terrible, trashy interface design.

      I have never used a background image as my home screen in the past, opting instead for black or very near to, so the colours of the icons didn't clash with the background like so many Android phone UIs, but somehow it looks even worse than it does with the background image

      The lower dock bar is just a grey, flat box now.

      I'm growing increasingly worried about Apple these days.

    The new one looks equally as shit to be honest. Flat circles without that hideous bubble effect would be better....

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