Is Atlus Alright? This Is Sure Worrying

Index, the parent company for Japanese game maker Atlus, just filed for what sounds like bankruptcy. The company is entering "civil rehabilitation proceedings" in order to cut off the corporate bloodletting before it becomes fatal. Geez.

NeoGAF user Mandoric has a good definition of Japanese Civil Rehabilitation Law that should help you understand the legalese.

This comes as Index is under investigation for shady business practices. Oh, there's a new Entrian Odyssey game out today too.

民事再生手続開始の申立てに関するお知らせ [Index]


    Hopefully bought by Sony.


        No, had it right the first time.

          I think they would be taken in by nintendo. Most Atlus games that I know about are on Nintendo consoles.

            Persona, Catherine, and I'm sure there's another that I'm forgetting, are Xbox and Playstation.

            I'll admit though. Those are the only Atlus games I know. But just from those, they've become one of my favourite developers. I hope they make it through this.

    Well, I've played game dev story and I think I know how this works. If Atlus releases a game with lots of fun, they'll get lots of sales and will save their parent company. Probably.

      The game will have high fun, but low creativity.

    Hope Nintendo pick up the employee's if they do go under!

    Nintendo would do well to pick up Atlus while they can.

    Nintendo acquiring them would be really bad -- remember, Region locking on all 3ds and WiiU?

    Sony would be much better since they don't have this region-locking crap, and are pretty consistent in localizing japanese games.

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