Is Marvel Heroes Worth Playing? How Do You Feel About Raccons?

Between issues with an early start and the official release being the week before E3 2013 craziness, I’ve not had much time to play Gazillion Entertainment’s “Marvel Diablo” since my days in the beta. Wo when people have asked me over the past few weeks “Is it worth playing”, my response has generally been “Oh my god I am so busy, go away!” Now that things have mellowed out a bit, the answer is a definite “Rocket Raccoon”.

Look at the facts here. It’s got Rocket Raccoon. It’s a free-to-play PC game, especially if you like playing Daredevil, Storm, The Thing, Scarlet Witch or Hawkeye, the five characters included at no cost. It’s got Rocket Raccoon. It plays like Diablo II, which many consider the sweet spot for the action RPG franchise. It’s a great deal of fun.

Oh, and it has Rocket Raccoon in it.

Considering the regular hero injections in Gazillion’s Super Hero Squad Online, if one of Marvel Heroes‘ 26 starting don’t float your boat, odds are better ones like Squirrel Girl and Moon Knight won’t be missing for long.

So that’s a yes. The game is definitely worth a bit of your hard disk space, as long as you aren’t worried about the compulsion to buy all of the free-to-play-funding microtransaction things. Just go try it, and if you see Fahey the Rocket Raccoon running around, know that I’m probably talking to you, even if you can’t hear me.


  • I seem to be having a fun time with the game, however its been laggy in parts and i know alot of people have issues with it.
    But ive found it fun.

    • That’s really the best thing you can get from a game isn’t it 🙂 If its fun for you then they’ve achieved their goal. I’ll be checking this out early next week for sure.

  • It’s a good game, but if you want anyone worth wild in terms of characters, be prepared to folk out big bucks for them. (I wanted to be Deadpool, but he costs $20 worth if in game currency)

    • Yeah, this is pretty much what I’ve been saying. Ultimate Alliance just has the better games. Both 1 and 2.

      Better controls, no being forced into zones with duplicate heroes to your own, UA allows combos between heroes, controlling a super-team and giving bonuses based on filling out the roster as used in any of the book series, better story/direction, better way of handling gear/upgrades… UA1-2 are just better all around.

      If you already own them, Marvel Heroes is (sometimes subtly, often overtly) worse in just about every possible way. Don’t do it unless you’ve never played UA before. There are much more enjoyable free things to do out there.

      • It’s kind of annoying to play.
        It’s like dating a really hot girl, and then you break up and a few years later you start dating her younger less attractive and interesting sister, they’re similar in a lot of ways but the new one is just making you think of the old one and how much you miss it.

  • A friend and I gave it a shot. Bare in mind this friend and I finished D3 and TL2 together (acts and difficulties).

    We played it for one night. It really is boring as hell.

    All character skills look like all the other skills in the tree (the difference between iron mans attacks besides speed and hue? Size, that’s about it).

    Every enemy I take out (which is a lot, easily) seems to be well stocked for parts my specific character needs. With the occasional other just for fun. I find this ruins any sense of immersion. Especially since I can’t really collect gear to give to my friend.

    The game itself plays fine. It’s just boring. Really unimaginatively boring.

    • This!

      I really wanted to like it. After one hour I was bored. But I press on because it is going to get good! After two hours I was reaaaallly bored, feeling buyers remorse for the valuable gaming time I was wasting on it that I could have been playing something else (from the pile of shame with some good games really worth trying) but I thought, no it has to be going to get better, maybe this is just like this to ease people into this style of game if they have never tried something like this before. So I press on, just one more hour I thought!

      Couldn’t do it. After 2 hours and 45 minutes I quit out and deleted it to have the space to install something else… Anything else.

      Aside from lots of buggy problems that others are complaining about in the forums (which I always take witha grain of salt in an online game, there are always wrinkles to iron out so I never let this bother me) it is just as boring as watching paint dry, no check that. At least with paint drying there would be an end to it. More like watching the unopened tin.

      Just my opinion for all thats worth but with so much better out there, why bother…

    • Exactly my thoughts. Played it for about 2 hours and uninstalled. It just didn’t grab me at all and felt way too easy.

      I watched a couple videos of other characters before I decided to leave it for good. While some of the moves look kinda cool it’s nothing I haven’t seen or played before. And once again, looks waaaayyy too easy.

  • I’m not sure how you can call $20 a “microtransaction” – that’s the price of some of the full games on Steam. $20 to buy 1 character is a bit excessive, and there is no way to try out a character before purchase so you could end up paying $20 and then realising you don’t like the character – then have to pay another $10-$20 for another character.

  • I’m now about 6 hours in and halfway through the main story. When you’ve got a good party together it’s a bit of a cakewalk – except Kingpin – with Elektra and Bullseye it’s a nightmare battle – and that was with 4 people. Can’t imagine doing it alone. I’m going to persevere and finish the main story – at least once.

    Then I can move on.

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