It's A Game Console. It's Art. It's Both.

The PS4. The Xbox One. The Ouya. The Game Stick. 2013's turning out to be the year for all sorts of new hardware to come out of hiding. And now those systems are joined by the most mysterious and colourful one of all: the iam8bit Entertainment System. Want to know the hardware specs? You'll need to go to an art show in Los Angeles — and not E3 — to find out.

The wood-panelled box makes its debut tonight at an art exhibition put together by the iam8bit nerd collective and tonight's when its capabilities get revealed. The i8b ES is the work of LA-based Travis Chen, who's joined by more than 80 other creators who've made artwork based on old-school video game memories. The show's also going to have a life-sized recreation of Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin for folks to swim around in too. So, if you're in Los Angeles, head on over to the iam8bit gallery and tell us what the damn box does, OK?


    "...I'm an exhibitionist..." GOLD! Good ol' Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins/Ghouls n' Ghosts Capcom fame... Ahhh memories.... :-)

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