It's A Tense, Fast-Paced Sneaking Simulation Extravaganza

On the E3 show floor, Kotaku's Jason Schreier managed to get a hands-on with the Vita version of Curve Studios' Stealth Bastard, re-dubbed Stealth Inc. for its console release. By the looks of it, the stealth-platformer hybrid made the jump to handhelds quite well.

Stealth Inc. hits PS3 and the Vita this month.


    Hey @jimu here's a game to look out for, I think you might enjoy it. I remember a while back you said in a thread you wanted to play more good games on Vita/3DS. I've got this on PC and it's awesome!

    Last edited 15/06/13 2:11 am

      Yeah, guy. Looks cool, thanks :D

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