It’s Like XCOM, But In Real Time. With Fedoras.

The XCOM shooter is looking less like a shooter and more like an XCOM every day. In this new trailer for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (now that’s a mouthful), you can see some of the game’s third-person, fedora-stuffed, XCOMish tactical combat in action.

For more on the game, check out Evan’s hands-on preview.


  • They’ve completely ripped off the command wheel from Mass Effect (not a bad thing, it was the best part of team management, made it so easy), the combat looks good (though very VERY Mass Effect) and it definitely seems more like Xcom now than previous builds.

    Ok you had my distaste before with previous versions… you’ve got me curious now… though there’s some *TERRIBLE* AI going on there.

      • It doesn’t say, at least I couldn’t tell, my sound was down, due to the kids being asleep, but the gameplay looks like a good cross between Mass Effect and the Xcom game of last year. If it has permadeath of characters, then that’ll sell me.

  • Yeah I like what I’m seeing, although I prefer 1st person perspective. Although deus ex: human revolution had both perspectives, it could be jarring at times having the camera move in and out, but I got use to it. Either way I Hope the story is good.

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