It's Not Wise To Upset This Amazing Wookie Cosplayer

You know, you might think it's easy cosplaying as a wookie, but it's not. All that hair, it's tough getting it to look right. So hats off to mcm1015 here, who has done one hell of a job.

Ignoring the easy Chewbacca route, instead we get Snoova, a mercenary created for the Shadows of the Empire game/book/comic from the '90s.

So, hats back on, then back off again, because Shadows of the Empire cosplay is awesome.

Snoova [Flickr, via neatorama]


    That is amazing. I see stuff like this and it gives me no hope.

    Awesome work, Shadows was awesome.

      The word of the day appears to be awesome.

        the word of the day is always awesome
        just like the password is always Swordfish

    I'm very nearly that hairy without having to wear a costume

    So, hats back on, then back off again, "put your taking-off hat on, have some respect dammit!"

    Last edited 29/06/13 2:53 pm

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