It’s The Wizard Of Oz Meets Pokemon? That Actually Makes Sense


Coming June 19 to iOS from Little Box Apps, Monsters Invade: Oz gives Dorothy a little something to keep her occupied as she eases on down the road — collecting, battling and evolving monsters.

I suppose in a way The Wizard of Oz is a lot like Pokemon. Dorothy travels the yellow brick road, picking up strange creatures, forming bonds that eventually transform them into better versions of themselves. She’s just a complicated surgery and a ball cap away from being Ash Ketchum.


  • I’ve made the switch from iPhone 4s to Samsung S4 and I’m quickly getting frustrated with the term ‘iOS exclusive.’

    Jus’ sayin’.

    • You’re not the only one that’s frustrated. Hopefully this starts to change through out the rest of the year.

  • Did any one else get confused and then start laughing when the music wen’t all “wub wub wub wub” and dubsteppy? Does every game trailer need dubstep music these days? It just seemed a bit out of place to me,

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