JB Hi-Fi’s Cutting The Xbox One RRP… Just.

JB Hi-Fi’s Cutting The Xbox One RRP… Just.

It was predictable that once we knew the local price for the Xbox One that the pre-order offers would come in thick and fast. EB Games has shifted down to the $599 asking price, Harvey Norman’s still sitting on $888, and so far, the best “deal” (if you can call it that) comes from JB Hi-Fi.

To be fair to Harvey Norman, their pre-order form does note that if the price drops before launch, you’ll pay the lower price, so that $888 price point will only hold until somebody over there wakes up, I guess. Meanwhile, EB Games is offering up the console at straight RRP, while JB Hi-Fi’s the first to official offer a price cut on Microsoft’s shiny new box of tricks.


Noting even that its pricing isn’t “final”, JB’s offer is for an Xbox One for $598. That’s a whole dollar saved! Party time!

Honestly, I’ve got to say that you’re utterly mad if you pre-order now. Without a shadow of a doubt as launch time nears, there will be bundles. Some of them may not be great — shovelware games, third party controllers, pillow pets in the shape of the Xbox One and so on — but even if you just shifted them via eBay or traded them straight back in, that’s got to be better than just the plain console. Especially given the lack of backwards compatibility, because it means nobody will just buy the console on launch day. What would you do with it?


  • What would you do with it?

    Arent I supposed to be able to watch TV and sports with it….??

    • No TV for you – US only… You can get umm day one ‘exclusives’ which may or may not contain a dog…. oh and it looks excellent for holding down paper or propping open a door.

      See all its uses?!?!! Pretty versatile if you ask me. I wonder if it will accept my old VCR cassette tapes.. Hmm

    • Reduced or zero fuctionality at launch, they’re focussing on the US, so no, you probably can’t.

  • MS australian site says xbox one day one release you get a bonus “day one” edition controller.

    BTW love the xbox one pillow pet comment LOL

  • lol at what point does HN’s preorder price become illegal, overpricing the RRP?

  • Except you don’t save that dollar you are alluding to, shipping is 99cents, so you save one cent. Whoo Hoo!

  • Why are people surprised Hardly Normal haven’t updated their pricing yet? Their website is run by monkeys, and games are not a very large part of their revenue. They’ll update it, just not as quickly as EB and JB.

  • As Russel Peters would say: “Hey! Be a man! You save 50 cents here and maybe you go somewhere else, maybe you save another 50 cents. Then you have one dollar then you take your dollar, you go to one dollar store, and you buy something else.”

  • I went to pay mine off tuesday, they said i can’t as it’s going to drop in price by a fair amount (i think the girl was wrong honestly) but she said i owed $8 afteri put $450 total on it

  • good a dollar of now i only need to save up to $598 now anywhere where its cheaper cause i thought it was $499

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