Killer Instinct Returns Exclusively For Xbox One

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Rare’s fan-favourite fighter Killer Instinct, which released 18 years ago on the Super Nintendo, will be rebooted as an exclusive Xbox One edition once the console launches.


  • Jago with an undercut, Sabrewulf with no metal arms, Glacius with ice tumors growing out of everywhere.. Clearly a reboot but eitherway and IP butchering.
    Not a fan even after a glimpse. Looks like they tried to go all cell shady cartoony like Street Fighter 4 except they failed.



  • Awww now I feel like dragging out my old Super Nintendo to play the original. I hope it still works.

  • SPINALLLL!!!! 😀 this should be fantastic. I remember I tried to be good with Fulgore but it didn’t really work. Not to mention T.J Combo and his insane combo streak 🙂 My brother was a bit of a dick with Jago.

    • Sounds good to me. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts was amazing and if you disagree you’re wrong 😛

  • Ca ca ca Commmmboo breakerrr!!!
    I love Killer Instinct! Arcade Version ftw!
    This looks mental though.

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