Killer Instinct Returns Exclusively For Xbox One

Rare's fan-favourite fighter Killer Instinct, which released 18 years ago on the Super Nintendo, will be rebooted as an exclusive Xbox One edition once the console launches.


    Looked pretty fucking kickass in action, not to mention smooth as hell.

      fantasy land much?

        It's called having an opinion. I have always liked Killer Instinct and I think this new one looks cool. We don't have to agree.

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    Jago with an undercut, Sabrewulf with no metal arms, Glacius with ice tumors growing out of everywhere.. Clearly a reboot but eitherway and IP butchering.
    Not a fan even after a glimpse. Looks like they tried to go all cell shady cartoony like Street Fighter 4 except they failed.



    Awww now I feel like dragging out my old Super Nintendo to play the original. I hope it still works.

    SPINALLLL!!!! :D this should be fantastic. I remember I tried to be good with Fulgore but it didn't really work. Not to mention T.J Combo and his insane combo streak :) My brother was a bit of a dick with Jago.

    They got the title wrong, it will be, Killer Instinct: Nuts And Bolts

      Sounds good to me. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts was amazing and if you disagree you're wrong :P

    Ca ca ca Commmmboo breakerrr!!!
    I love Killer Instinct! Arcade Version ftw!
    This looks mental though.

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