Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Coming To The PS4

It's real, folks. Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to the PS4. You can start trying to figure out what the heck is happening in the story now.


    KH3 should be for PS3 and KH4 ps4!! whappened!?

    Today is a good day

    Umm so, IIRC Organization XIII is now finished, kaput. Mickey is back in Disneyland and Sora, Riku & Kairi are reunited.

    Since Disney brought Pixar, I am so hoping for more PIxar worlds, and having Sully as a side kick, with Lightning McQueen mini-games will make my day. SE are you listening!?!?!?!

      You've obviously missed all the handheld games.

        Ugh yes I do need to catch up on those. Unfortunately my fund is limited to the console ones...

          There's a WHOLE lot of story you're missing out on. In fact, just about everything you said is wrong as of KH3D...

            If I have a choice of 1 handheld and 1 game, which one would get me most current? I am thinking Birth by Sleep, would that be a correct guess?

            Disc: I have played Chain of Memories and 358/2.

              Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance are probably the more important ones, they have the largest impact on the story (BBS being the prequel to KH1 and DDD bridging the gap between KH2 and KH3).
              358/2 Days and Coded are sort of side stories that don't provide much plot, they spend most of the game working towards a one or two main plot points that are covered by tons of side plot filler.

          Me too but remix 1.5 HD is out in september, 2.5 will probably be out in a year or 2. I'm sure 3's a while off yet, plenty of time to catch up :P

    It would be a crime not to include Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel properties.

      We must defeat Darth Vader as we team up with Iron Man! This level will no doubt occur in the world of Toy Story.

      The only thing that frightens me is the involvement of EA after they were signed exclusive rights to SW games. I hope that doesn't apply to appearances too

      Pixar maybe, but I don't think Marvel or Star Wars would fit in with the overall feel of the game, the same way the Pirates and Tron worlds felt kind of awkward.

    I am dying.

    i cant wait, i almost had a heart attack when i saw this on the live stream, it was the best news ever

    This I did not expect, but that bit at the end saying "Now in development" is the questionable bit, could still be years away

    Can't wait! Particularly curious as to how they're going to go about the gameplay and conclude the Xehanort saga, given the events of 3D.

    They won't miss out on the opportunity for a lightsabre keyblade...

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