Kogan May Sell An Imported PS4 In Australia

It's fair to say that the news of the price differential between the US and Australian PS4 hasn't been met warmly, although it appears we may be able to import from Amazon US. But what if you wanted to deal with a local retailer but pay near to US prices? You may just have that option, thanks to Ruslan Kogan.

Direct importing technology is exactly Kogan's game, and while he didn't invent it, he's made an awful lot of money out of buying tech gadgets cheap overseas and then delivering here. So I posed the question to Kogan's PR representatives this morning. They've just sent me a statement, and while half of it is just spruiking Kogan (which I should have expected) it did end with this statement:

"We're certainly hoping to be delivering the PS4 at Australia's best price when it becomes available."

Interesting. Not quite a promise, and obviously there'll be some small markup to make it worthwhile for Kogan, but it's another potential avenue for those who don't want to pay the Australian RRP for the PS4.


    I reckon JB HiFi might be considering the option too, considering they are already doing grey game imports. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I have this eerie feeling that someone is watching me......
    I think it might be the AU Gov lurking in forums such as these rubbing their hands together at the potential new tax they can levy on these import goods

    $599 RRP or $499 import + $100 tax = $599

      There's already duty on import goods over 400 dollars.

        Huh? Don't you mean $1000?

          That's GST on goods over 1000, there's also a duty fee on goods worth over 400 apparently. Supposedly different from the former.

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            Do you have a link? I couldn't find anything about that.

              Neither can I, just going off what I have been informed by my mate who works for the AFP.

                AFP? What does the Australian Federal Police got to do with Australian Customs and Borders Protection Service?

                  There is no 400 dollar thing. I import stuff all the time over 400 (usually guitars and crap)

                  Don't be a dick. Use google.

            Isn't the $400 duty thing from New Zealand...? Duty is $1000+ here as well.

    Thanks Kogan. Your TVs may suck (besides the price) but your gray imports are great.

    The thing about US prices is that with $399 US vs $549 AUD, by the time you factor shipping from Amazon (or elsewhere) into it, the difference might not justify the issues you may have with warranty. I don't think Sony Australia will deal with gray imports.

      Logan usually offer a warranty tho

        That's true, you do get the one year. I can't comment on the details of their warranty as I've never had to deal with them in regards to this. But their online policy seems OK.

      I can't speak for the warranty issue but I just ordered from Amazon US and they give you 2 shipping options, Standard (over a week) for $15 and Express (under a week) for $25. Now I don't know about you, but that's pretty good in my book.

      EDIT: Using greater/less than symbols broke my post somehow.

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        I guess this is where there's a risk to buying from overseas. Shipping seems excellent at only $25 for express. But warranty I'm unsure of.

          This might seem a bit naive but maybe, just maybe if enough people import the system and something goes wrong with it (therefore hammering Sony AU with warranty claims), Sony AU MIGHT honour the warranty. You never know, stranger things have happened.

        I know it's what you just said but I'm confirming. You pre-ordered a PS3 from amazon, set your Australian address, and shipping rates were only $15/$20? That seems awesomely cheap. Don't they have some extra charge for large items?

          Yep, I was shocked myself considering I've ordered things half the size from Amazon before and the shipping has been twice what the PS4 will cost me.

    Eh, I'd rather go with EB *shudder*

    No news yet on whether the Blu-Ray/DVD part will be region free, but I'm going to guess that they won't be.

    In stock! Ships in 2-3 weeks.

    No thank you. I'd rather order one myself from Amazon with international express shipping or pay the extra cash to not wait a month.

    I've never used Kogan. I've always used expansys and received my stuff within 5 working days.

      Every time I have bought from kogan, my stuff has shipped the same day and has arrived in under 5 days. I don't understand peoples problem with them.

        I don't have a problem with Kogan. I've just never used the site. The only time I considered using Kogan was for a GoPro camera, but I needed it within a week and the 2-3 week timeframe for shipping put me off.

        The problem is that for 99% of customers there's absolutely no problem at all, but F me that final 1% is loud and obnoxious

    Deal with Amazon's customer service or deal with Kogan's............

      Kogan has customer service?


          Well, in my own experience I'd rather trust a completely unknown experience than the experience I've had with Amazon customer service. They not only knew nothing about the issues with my order, but gave three different answers on three different occasions... and to top it all off, the local courier company they chose decided that my insured, secure, HAS-TO-BE-SIGNED-FOR package would probably be just fine if they dropped it off on the footpath outside my then street-level apartment.

          On the footpath.
          On a busy street.
          Outside a building attached to a major city hub train station.

          Fortunately, a neighbour was home at the time and watched incredulously as the courier dropped the box off, and the neighbour brought my package inside the complex to leave at my interior door with a polite note explaining what had happened. (Mad props, to this day.)

          I don't know why I simply didn't report the thing missing. This should be my policy whenever couriers fail to get a signature, when they have been specifically advised that a secure package has to be signed for.

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            Even when signing for something, include STC (subject to check) with your sig, it provides warranties against breakages from shipping that can't be disclosed until the product is unpacked, also request a copy of the POD (proof of delivery), that covers your arse if any doubt about the goods arises.

    That's great and all but too much trouble if you get one DOA and I doubt Sony AU would repair/replace if you have trouble within warranty period.

    I'm hoping the AU price has a fair bit of room for aggressive retail pricing. My bet is that the PS4 will be about $499 at most places at launch. Full rrp would be inclusive of extras at the likes of JB. Remember when Wii U launched the Premium Pack was $429 rrp. Kmart had it day one for $379.

      this is an old argument with Kogan, he has a 1 yr warranty meaning he will replace your item.

    Don't you need step up/step down power converters for electronics from the US?

      Not if they have a universal power supply (like the PS3 does, and PS4 probably will).

        What do you mean universal? Does it come with multiple adaptors fro the end or something?

          Universal as in a 110-240 Volt power supply. So no matter what region of the world you are in, the main supply is a viable input voltage.

      The Ps3 had universal power so it would work anywhere, i believe people assume the same for the ps4 though i don't think its been verified yet.

    im all for cheaper prices etc.
    but can this bloke please just go away.

      +1 on that, Kogan is a drop kick of epic proportions!

    How much money we can save and they can make if they do this? I don't really see the point if it's just $50-100 saving.

      For some of us $100 is a week or two of food, @shithead.

      Or more importantly, an imported game or two.

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        I highly doubt the savings would be $100 (I know I wrote it also). It's a new piece of hardware and I would be skeptical to buy grey import just for a possible $100 saving.

    Importing maybe a moot point if thr Aussie doller gets going down.For example if it falls to .80$us then a $400 PS4 would cost $500 $AUD and add another $50 for shipping and its just not worth the bother,risk of shipping and lack of warranty and Blue-Ray incompatability.

    I misread the title as "Kogan hurr durr durr" and didn't bother reading the post. Sorry.

    There used to be a popular grey importer back in the day when ps3 first came out. Gametraders in perth city. Sadly no more. Was my fav place to get all things early and cheap.

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