Kojima Wants Someone To Remake Metal Gear Solid, But That's All

There was a rumour earlier this week that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima was trying to sign up a developer to handle a remake of Metal Gear Solid using Konami's new Fox Engine. It's not true, though there are the very best intentions behind it.

Kojima first said this yesterday morning:

He was addressing this article, from Swedish site Gamereactor, which reported (via an E3 roundtable) that Kojima "was actually in the process of searching out a studio he could task with adapting the first game to the Fox Engine".

Later, however, having gone through the audio recordings of the roundtable discussion the quote supposedly originated from, he learned there'd been a mistranslation on the part of Konami's staff.

Ah. So, case closed! For what it's worth, he really would love it if someone could remake the game. So if you've got a dream developer who's, you know, just sitting around, nothing to do, email them and see if they'll help out. Maybe not Silicon Knights though. One Metal Gear remake is enough for one studio, thanks very much.


    Just Add Water!

    After they finish that Vita port of Munch's Oddyssey *shakes fist*

    Silicon Knights...?

      They did the re-make for the Gamecube. MGS: The Twin Snakes.


          Yeah went fairly unnoticed by many. But some go as far to say it's the definitive MGS 1.

            I was actually referring to the fact that my comment was riddled with sarcasm and I wasn't sure how you didn't pick it up...

              Oh perhaps because it wasn't written in sarcastica. My mistake.

    Isn't that screenshot in the article from MGS2, not MGS?

      yes but if you read the first post by kojima "There's a rumor about remaking MGS1+2, but that's not ture. It has been modified in the thread or something." you would understand

    So someone at Gamereactor lied to draw attention to the website. Just another day in journalism.

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