League Of Legends Now Has Dedicated Servers In Oceania, Competition Lined Up For PAX Australia

It's in 'beta', whatever that means, but there are now official League of Legends dedicated servers in Oceania with English language support and a dedicated website.

And for the time being, free transfers from whatever servers you are currently using to Oceanic servers are being offered, in addition to a 100% IP and XP boost.

More information on how to do that can be found here and in an FAQ here.

And this information will also be of interest to some of you...

We’re also celebrating the launch with an online tournament from July 6 to July 14. The tournament’s top four teams will head to PAX Melbourne from July 19-21 to compete for cash prizes. There will be more info soon, so check back for all the details.

So serious LoL players might want to get on that!


    I think it's "beta" because there currently is no ranked system. Can still do normals and stuff though (I think)

    Mark you have made my day. I love you (<3). This is the best news ever. I have a ping of 40 to the Oceanic server.

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    OMG thankyou, Now i don't have to worry bout spamming my spell keys and aiming ahead with skill shots!


    Not sure about you guys I got the feeling that match making will be longer

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      Just had a game. Queue time was about 5 seconds

        Do regret the transfer? Or do you think its worth it from NA server

          No regrets. I like that the store isn't working quite yet :P Saving IP!

    *Turns on laptop at work*. Damn you Mark, you made me do this....! :(

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    Why would you play LoL when you can play DOTA2!?

      Because some people like a different game.

        LoL was based on DoTa, so why not play the games successor in DoTa 2?

          They are different games.

            He must be super excited for Bethesda's new Wolfenstein,he hasn't been able to play an FPS since 1992 :P

          and DoTa was based on Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, why not play that game instead? ;)

      Why would you play DOTA2 when you can play Monopoly!?

      Unlike HoN; LoL has evolved into its own style of game. Its much slower paced and while some say easier it does have a different play style compared to the original dota style.

      DotA fan here, don't be a dick.

      Lol is a good game, even though I have some gripes with it. But hell I'll play it tonight for the new servers. Acting like this just makes you look butthurt that lol is more popular.

    oh gawd Im in WA at the moment for a short course, must find way to secure the name I just went through hell getting back after being hacked.

    My ping went from 170-220 (US Servers) to 27. Thank you for this news. Very sweet.

    Sooooo. is it possible to make an North American account right now and transfer to oceania to get free stuff????

    Couple of notes for people doing this:

    - No ranked play (and transferring back costs money, so be prepared to be without ranked play for a few months if you transfer over)
    - Store is unavailable, so you will only have access to the champs/skins you already have (important if you're bringing over a smurf like I did), + the free week champs
    - Queue time is unpredictable, only Blind pick 5v5 and Coop vs AI is available. If you time it right, you can pop queue in < 5 seconds, but i've had to wait up to 7 minutes for a game.
    - For those who haven't played League before, you can still play, even though you can't directly create an account on Oceania at the moment (AFAIK). If you create an account in North America, go to the ingame store, and under the 'Other' tab, click transfer to Oceania, it will work.

    This is a game changer though. I've been playing League since just after beta, and now i'm currently getting 15 ping on TPG from West Sydney, and it feels like a whole new game to me.

    Edit: Most people seem to have congregated in the Custom Chatroom 'LOLA' (currently 145 people in it), so i'd recommend that if you want to talk to people.

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    From WA. Was pushing 400 ping in an ARAM game last night. Had a quick go now and I'm hovering at 80.


      Whoa, anyone else having problems with this?

      I have no ARAM, no friends list, no shop, no honour...

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        It's like this for everyone. As they said, beta! Stuff will be rolled out once the base stability issues are solved

    when can we play on EU west again?

    how do i fix the shop in it

    the ping is great, how do we enter the online tournament from July 6 to July 14?

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