LeBron James Runs Headlong Into The Uncanny Valley With NBA 2K14

Already a great-looking series, NBA 2K14 has only begun to show off what it can do with the PlayStation 4.

Yeah, "Video Game James" looks a little awkward in his closeup. But on court — and this is all gameplay — he's damn near indistinguishable from the real man.


    Pretty impressive and if thats the ingame model for sure? Even moreso.

    His bottom lip is not right. Plus those teeth straight up look bad.

    On court it looks great. Very lifelike.

      Teeth are tough in 3D. If i recall correctly, they are generally a flat texture with an alpha, wrapped around a simple curve. Too much computational power would be lost having to keep track of a literally accurate mouth and it's contents

    Just how necessary is this kind of tech for this game? Honest question, as I don't tend to play sports games.

      When the entire game is based around a realistic simulation of real-life people, places and events, this kind of tech is very important actually. You want to feel like you are controlling the real players and teams, so they must look the part.

      This extends to the physics of the player collisions and actions of the ball, they need to be spot on because it is intended as a simulation of the sport.

    Actually, the videogame version looks better.

    Better resolution.

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