Let's Rate The Major E3 Press Conferences

Sure, you may think you know who "won" yesterday's E3 press conference throwdown. But there's only one way to know for sure: a reader poll.

And so I turn it over to you, fine readers: how would you rate yesterday's press conferences, and this morning's Nintendo Direct?


    43% thought Sonys was a perfect 10, event though there was a huge lack of exclusive games.
    And 20% thought MS was a 1, eve though it was constant games, no Kinect, no gimicks, no TV, no entertainment features and barely any talking. At the lowest it was an 8
    Too much fanboism, poll is irrelevant

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      everyone here we have a ps4 fanboy above ... lolol :p

        He's obviously a MS fanboy, did you even read the comment...?

          I think chi was joking though hence the "lolol :P".
          Maybe actually read his comment....

            LOL i got a -11 for making a joke nobody gets ... hahahahahahahah

              Yep the people knocking you from their high horse are actually the idiots who should be voted down. How did they not get what you said is beyond me.
              I voted you up and them down. Shame we both have to share the planet with people who can't read or understand context.

          Not a fanboy. I've had Microsoft consoles since the original Xbox. They had the best showing of games at any of the conferences. However, I found myself cheering Sony on as they delivered their complete an utter smackdown. A well deserved smackdown too, as I'm seriously considering a PS4 this time around. And Sony, well, they were absolutely right in capitalising on the public outcry of Microsofts' stance on DRM and Used game restrictions. The two things I got from this are as follows. One, Microsoft still had the better showing of games. And secondly, if you really honestly believe that Sony isn't cashing in on the public vitriol that has been thrown at Microsoft for the last 3 weeks, then you're and absolute idiot. Corporations and profit driven businesses, such as Sony and Microsoft don't actually care about you, or your rights as a consumer. They just want your money. That's nothing new, I know. But the way the internet is carrying on is bloody awful. It wasn't that long ago that the nerd army was crying about the fact that Sony took away the ability to install Linux on the PS3. And we all know how that turned out.

          EDIT: Also, meant for Battl3bear :)

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            Possibly but if last generation is anything to go by you will want a ps4 for the exclusives over xbox hands down.

          shhh, if we stay quiet they might just attack each other. and we can watch.

      "The results aren't what I believe they should be. Must be fanboys!"

        Why would MS be a 1? People wanted games and they showed heaps of them non-stop.
        And Sonys first half was pretty boring, so I don't see how its a 10. Its at max an 8

      AS long as it has DRM, isanti used games and a pervy camera with near perma internet it doesn't matter what they show. They could be giving away gold bars at their conference but unless they said "sorry guys we are fixing this and you can trade games freely" It was going to be bad.

      Showing off the games for a console that takes away fundamental rights we've had for years and imposes other hindrances to enjoyment is a moot point.

        EXACTLY and also don't forget this pearl of wisdom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiUzaqOU06M

        So you didnt rate the show, like the survey asked, you just rated your opinion of the product.

          I didn't rate anything, but my point is more than valid.

          PEOPLE expected them to back track on their bullshit, therefore no matter how good everything else was, the fact that the presentation did NOT contain said back track it was a shit presentation.

          This is a legitimate complaint and giving them a 1/2/3 for this is perfectly reasonable.

      I read this as "you don't agree with me, so this is invalid. You're all fanboyz"

      Sony showed The Order: 1886, Drive Club, Knack and Infamous: Second Son on PS4. They also showed The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Rain and Gran Turismo 6 on PS3. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head, and not counting whatever they showed on Vita because I wasn't really paying attention to that bit. It's also not counting any of the indie games because I'm not sure how many of them are actual exclusives (as opposed to timed exclusives). Which is also something we don't know about any of the 3rd party exclusives MS showed off. That's a decent showing, and we're not just rating exclusives here, we're rating the overall conference. The DRM and pricing announcements on their own put them well ahead of MS even before talking about games.

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      Actually I'm inclined to agree, there seems to be no objectivity in this poll. When did gamers become so jaded?

        Uhh... I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but it's a poll on what people thought of the various E3 press conferences. It's always going to be subjective in nature.

        Unless they ask us all something like, 'what did you have for breakfast this morning?' then the poll probably won't be an objective one.

          it's a poll on what people thought of the various E3 press conferences

          However, I don't think people are basing their votes on the merits of conferences themselves.

          Some people are just not able to leave their baggage at the door.

          When I look at the results of each poll, I discount the votes for 1 & 10. I feel the more honest answers lie somewhere in-between the extremes.

          IMO neither MicroSoft or Sony conferences warranted a 10 vote. They both had video glitches that disrupted their presentations.

      Who cares about exclusives, all that does is restrict access to games behind an exorbitant price tag. The industry would be better off if the notion of "exclusives" would simply go away.

      Sony did games in their reveal, something that Microsoft didn't, and of the Microsoft games nothing was really a standout. There was barely any gameplay, and the BF4 trailer was run on a PC, not an X1. At the end of the day, to play those games, you have to give up some of your freedom. There is no point in talking about the games if the price of entry is so severe.

      The fact of the matter is that Microsoft is putting consumer rights into the hands of publishers, and Sony is sticking to the status quo, a status quo that gamers are relatively ok with minus the gouging of companies like EA. Contrary to popular belief, console gamers don't crave "innnovation", they want what they've got and what they currently enjoy with beefier hardware behind it to make a smoother, more enjoyable game.

      That is all i want to see out of the PS4, games that simply don't run shitty.

        Exclusives cost the same as any other game.

          Cayal they don't, the opportunity cost is far more significant; they usually halve their potential customers in one fell swoop.

          An exclusive on the XBone when I own a PS4 will cost me $600 + the cost of the game

      This comment has too much fanboism, comment is irrelevant.

      yes, a huge number of sony fanbois mysteriously appeared after the M$ reveal of the Xbone and Sony's E3 smackdown.....wow, what a coincidence lol

      what games? take away all xbones multi console releases and what is it left with? plants vs zombies? ryse? please, there nothing to by a xbone for

    Woahhh... look at those number on the Sony one. Even if you ignore the extreme polars.. damn that's an impressive public reaction

    This poll proves Sony just has a larger base of fanboys that care about internet polls.

    They obviously don't care about games either. Funny how pre-E3, Sonybots were banging on about how amazing Sony's stable of games were and they'd blow everyone out of the water come E3.

    Then E3 came, and goal posts shifted to the no used game DRM, online connectivity and price winning the show.

    This is all despite knowing those policies from both manufacturers. Only the price was the real susprise and even THAT had been rumoured a lot.

    Go figure huh? So it's only about games when Sony appears to have them. As soon as they don't, it's about other things. Hell, Sony even spoke about TV, Movies and Music, which Microsoft was shredded for back in May. Microsoft literally bombarded us with game announcements, reveals and demos, and yet the conference was a 1? Get the fuck out with that shit.

    Hate on their policies all you like, but E3 is about games being shown, and Microsoft took both Sony and Nintendo to school.

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      Wait.. was this post meant to be ironic???

      I like this post.

      It assumes that the PS4 will only have the games shown at E3 and nothing else. Those other devs they own, they're totally not working on games. Not at all. Nothing.

      All the PS4 games were shown at E3. Nothing else til next E3 folks. Too bad.


        Well, this article is abotu rating E3, not about rating what will happen after E3 no?

        But you know, "Microsoft sucks lol".

          Well, this article is abotu rating E3

          This article is about rating the conferences. That means the entire conference, not just the exclusives that were shown. There was more to Sony's conference than just the games - it had things like the console reveal, the DRM announcement, the price, the release date, etc. Sony showed off plenty of games, including exclusives, on top of those announcements. So yes, clear win for Sony.

          I did knock them down a few points for failing to deliver a few things I was expecting to see, in particular price cuts for PS3 and Vita as well The Last Guardian.

      A bit of multimedia talk is expected, but what Microsoft did in May was focus on EA Sports (coz no one would've guessed that EA would be making sports games next gen...), and the new CoD game. Somewhere in there, was a quick announcement for Quantum Break, but pretty much the whole event was about TV and how Kinect would enhance the movie or TV experience.

      That's two gaming things everyone already knew about (and aren't even that exciting), plus a quick show of one new game. For a special announcement event for a gaming console, it was pretty pathetic.

        Why are you talking about the initial reveal? This is clearly about e3 only

          Because the guy I'm replying to brought it up in his post.

        Microsoft said from the outset that E3 would be about the games, and games wouldn't be the focus in May (I said April before, apologies).

        You're expectations were clearly in contradiction of Microsoft's stated intentions.

      MS made it about DRM, but the fact is, Sony has a better stable of exclusives than MS. Seriously, look at the developer making Killer Instinct, and tell me that's not strong evidence of 'oh shit, we have no unique games.'

        A better stable of exclusives? Like what? I sure didn't see many that were worth paying attention to. Planetside 2, Killzone a Kingdom Hearts game, Infamous and another Gran Turismo? Woopty doo. That's some killer exclusives right there! XD

          Your forgetting the other PS3 exclusives (though they weren't announcements) from developers who will presumably move onto the PS4. But the fact is, all of the Sony exclusives are from proven developers. MS has 343 and... no, that's it.

            It really isn't a matter of argument, though. Besides maybe The Last Of Us and The Order, I honestly haven't seen anything from the PS4 that piques my interest the way some of the Wii U & XB1 games have.

      So many assumptions son. Didn't think you could fit that many in one post...guess I was wrong

    Sony's and Microsofts were both an 8 for me. Ninty a 5.

    MS - Showed game after game after game.

    Sony - Took forever to show a game and WTF was that Quantic Dream BS. Once the games started and the price then it got good.

    Nintendo - Meh. It was all expected.

      All expected? What, like the part where they showed game after game after game?

        I like how people are willing to hate on Nintendo for making new games out of existing IPs, but happy to overlook the fact that Microsoft teased Halo 5 and other developers are showing a new iteration of CoD or Assassin's Creed or whatever other sequel is in the works.

          We're on Mario 4 billion and 6. Cods bad, yes, but not Mario bad (yet)

            You've missed the point entirely.

              What is your point then?

                That there are many other developers out there using existing IPs to create new games and Nintendo shouldn't be singled out for it. The company has been in the gaming industry for over 25 years so of course the number of Mario games will be higher than the number of CoD games.

                  Can't reply to them, so I'll reply here.
                  I'm sure if CoD had 25 years as well, they'd find a way to surpass the amount of Mario games.

          Exactly, "gamers" want more of the same, unless Nintendo is doing it.

        All the games they showed. Wow Mario Kart, Mario 3d, pokemon. Yeah they are fun games but they were the same thing with 1 new thing added. Pokemon is in 3D now, Mario 3d has a cat power up, Mario Kart 8 you can drive on walls, Donkey Kong has new camera angles.

        Only new game they showed was X and that looked cool. Smash Bros and Donkey Kong still look fun but again they've done it a million times already.

          I was going to make a big long reply, but the guy who replied to me before you made the same point I was going for.

    I'm gonna say EA won because people don't seem to hate them as much anymore. Yay for Mirrors Edge and Battlefront.

      Well that's not completely true hahaha.

      I still hate EA as a publisher, they just have great IP's

    Microsoft could have shown gameplay footage of Halo 5 and announced it as a launch title and you would still see this massive backlash in relation to their conference. It clearly shows the vast majority of gamers aren't happy with the anti-consumer bullshit MS is trying to pull on us.

    On the same token, Sony could have had a conference with zero games and just at the end said we're doing the complete opposite of what Microsoft is doing and gamers would still vote them a 10!

    Surely there has to be someone at Microsoft that wants to actually listen to what their consumer has to say, after all what are they without us? Well, unless they change their policy between now and launch I think they're about to find out.

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      I'd hope there was a massive backlash if all they showed was Halo 4 and made it an XBone launch title :P

      I think you mean 5

    sony won. check xbox live facebook page nothing but negative comments .now wheres my last of us street date break news?

    lets face it, most core fans even xbots were focusing on only one thing, that is Sony's conference
    NO DRM
    NO restriction on used games
    and dat price is alone good enough to win E3
    actually, most impressive games were all multi-plat or timed exclusives
    soon Xbone 3rd party exclusive will go multi-plat with all their BS policies.
    Sony didn't show lot of games, but they have a pretty good 1st party support.

    Didn't catch EA or Ubisoft, but I think MS's conference was really middle-of-the-road. It was the best they've had in a good 3-4 years but that's not saying too much. KI looks great but being F2P I can see it being P2W (as is the case with almost all F2P games). Ryse looks good but I'm sick of QTE hack and slashers since Sony milked the shit out of God of War. Absolutely groaned at Halo 5, not even interested at this point. You can see they're trying to put a lid on this DRM talk but no-one's having a bar of it, not even Geoff Keighley (surprisingly). I couldn't help but shake my head when Don said "we have a product for those who aren't connected, it's called Xbox 360".

    Sony's conference was without a doubt the best of the 3, although I can't help but feel saddened how we've gotten to the point where what has been not only the norm, but also a basic right for the past 35 years is at risk of going away because its been shown people will mindlessly roll over and put up with this shit. Destiny looks amazing. That continuous applause when Tretton announced the PS4 not having DRM gave me goosebumps.

    I actually quite liked the Nintendo Direct presentation. Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 look nice, but if 3D World does this "you can't progress past World 5 unless you go back and scour every level for star coins" thing then I'll pass. That completely killed 3D Land for me. I was actually expecting a Super Luigi of sorts too because of this "Year of Luigi" thing they're doing. All their other games looked awesome and are coming along nicely. SSB will be a huge system seller. I was legitimately surprised considering Nintendo are basically doing all the console support by themselves at this point. It seems Nintendo are carving out a niche with Wii U and again are marching to the beat of their own drum, just chugging along.

    I gave m$soft a 9 for coming out and blowing me away with games I totally want to play. About half of them were exclusives.

    EA gets a mid level score because Im not that big on sports games or BF.

    Ubi were about the same as ea for me. Only a couple of games would be day 1 for me. Watchdogs O.O

    Sony got 8. Would have been 7 but the used game stuff and never needing to connect gives it at least one whole point because of ease of use... But only 1 or 2 exclusives looked any good to me. The indie stuff looked great admittedly.

    To be honest, Im buying both systems. Its a good time to be a gamer. No need for fanboyism. Just enjoy. Buy or don't buy. Hating gets you nowhere.

    Microsoft are simply paying the price for imposing restrictions that nobody wants. You MUST be online daily in order for it to work. The number of ppl you share your games and in what context is LIMITED by what they have decided. The Kinect MUST be attached. They went ahead with this, DESPITE knowing that many of their loyal fans would, or had already, objected to this.

    I have had a very positive experience of the Xbox 360. But Microsoft have slighted their customers by taking the position of imposing unnecessary detrimental changes. I play online-only games like WoW and Dota, almost never lend anyone games, and my computer is connected online pretty much 24/7... yet I have no inclination to pick up an Xbone purely due to this new direction. It's like if Dead Rising 3 were a can of soft drink... but Microsoft has backwashed into the can. Some people may not care... it still tastes the same... what's the problem? A lot of us do... you didn't need to do that M$.

    Sony on the other hand have new features like HD gameplay recording... which if you think about it, is something DESIRABLE by gamers. I'd love an Avermedia LGP but it's $200; Sony have incorporated a variation of the idea into the console(although it's not the same, it satisfies a demand that a lot of gamers want). If anything negative can be said about them, it's that they've decided to charge for online multiplayer by promoting their paid PS+ service. But on that note, they are on EQUAL FOOTING with M$ in that M$ does it as well, and has greedily charged for the life of the XBox 360 whereas PSN hasn't. Plus PS+ also gives you "free rented" games. That may or may not be worth it to people, but it is at least a choice. Certainly it's not as optimal as free online PC gaming, but at least it's offset.

    Nintendo... I want to love them but the only thing they really have going for them is the 3DS(which is better than the Vita). The Wii U needs some serious damage control in terms of software, marketting, and most importantly... consumer confidence. It doesn't help them that basically all of their IP is cutesy to the point of being childish... like the target demographic is 6-12 year olds.

    So the bottom line is that E3 is there to showcase games and systems, and excite/encourage/convince people to buy said items. The polls reflect how people feel, and with M$ taking a stance similar to EA, the backlash is similar. This is why Sony was the clear winner(no matter where you look on the internet).

    There will be tears shed for no Dead Rising 3 for me, that's it.

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