Let's See How Superman's Shield Changed Over 75 Years

When it comes to Superman, most people have one static image in their heads for the Last Son of Krypton’s look. And, yeah, the big costume changes over the decades tend to stick out — the mullet and all-black bodysuit after he died and came back — but the smaller changes that happen over time tend to be more fascinating. Now you can see them all in one place.

The infographic below — from HalloweenCostumes.com — breaks down the subtle tweaks that have happened Superman’s insignia since the character was introduced in 1938. Those early designs were striking in their minimalism, huh? Nostalgia aside, I like the badge-like look of the original Siegel/Shuster design. It’s very policeman. What’s your favorite?

The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon [Halloween Costumes, via Unreality Magazine]


    i dont see smallville there...

      Well, you might benefit from reading once in a while. Its mentioned in the bottom row, middle. Its not like he wore it much at all in Smallville anyway.

        Um, I saw that one. I was refering to the one he wore more than once or twice in smallville... You know, the black and white spraypainted one... i find it offenceive that the first thing ppl do is attach on these posts... makes me wonder why i still bother trying to get that comunity feel as a gamer on kotaku.

          If something like that offends you, you should not only stop coming to Kotaku, but you should stay off the internet for good. And if you're looking for a community feel (whatever that is), you should probably try an actual community rather than text on a screen written by anonymous blowhards like me.

          Not superman, thats the blur.

            Oh how I do miss me some good Smallville...

              Wait there was good smallville??? :P

                Pretty much what I was going to say but dammit I still watched 10 bloody seasons of the thing

                  IDk, im re-watching it atm... S01-03 was amazing, it slows down for S04-07 then picks up again for S08-10...

      If you read the second-last one, Smallville is mentioned.

    does nic cage's count? ha.

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