Leviathan: Warships Takes A Level In... Smooth Jazz

Hey, remember Leviathan: Warships' smooth jazzy pre-order trailer? Well, the makers of this snazzy little wargame put out a free update that introduces that smooth jazziness to the game itself — by making the trailer's narrator one of the announcers. How'd they reveal the update? With a smooth jazzy trailer, of course!


    Not to be that guy but this is a couple of months old, it would have been before may as I had it when I was in the great valley of crop circles back in May.

      Are you sure? The official website for the game and for the maker both only posted news of this update 2 days ago

        He's right. I remember this exact trailer being put up on the escapist a couple months ago. It's also been it's trailer on the steam page since the game launched.

          The game launched end of April. The *update* that this article is talking about came out two days ago.

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