Living The Quantic Dream -- Beyond: Two Souls And Developing For The PlayStation 4

One of the most interesting parts of Sony's E3 conference was Quantic Dream's 'The Dark Sorcerer' demo. The process is interesting: Quantic Dream tends to put together demos that give them an idea of what new technology can afford them, then they use it to make ground breaking video games. We spoke to Guillame De Fondaumiere about that process, and also about Quantic Dream's upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls.

He also spoke about what it's like to work with David Cage.

But what I found most interesting about this interview was what the team is attempting to do with violence in Beyond: Two Souls. Give it a watch.


    Worried that this will be another QTE game. I rage-quit Fahrenheit when climbing a fence proved too frustrating compared to other games. Was Heavy Rain an improvement in gameplay?

      Drinking orange juice proved even harder than climbing fences as far as Heavy Rain's concerned. ;)

      At 0:30 the guy said there's no more QTE's :)

        In the action sequences...the rest of the game is QTE based I assume.

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