Looks Like A Fable HD Remake Is On The Way

The original Fable was good. But was it so good that people bombard Lionhead Studios every day on twitter for a HD remake? That's what this teaser trailer seems to suggest. This teaser trailer also seems to suggest that Lionhead is planning to give these people what they want.

There is next to no info about the game, which initially made sense to me because it is a remake after all. But what kind of remake is it? Is it a HD upgrade only, ala most other remakes, or is it a fully fledge effort with new textures and whatnot?

I hope it's the latter because I honestly wouldn't mind playing Fable again.

This teaser is funny though — it's almost like it's desperate for viral play on Twitter. I guess all trailers do this to an extent, but the #hidethechicken hashtag and the whole 'everyone was begging us for this remake and now you're getting what you want' thing? I've honestly never heard a single person talk about how they were after a remake of this game. I heard dozens of people ask for a Halo HD remake, an Ocarina of Time remake, and a version of Shadow of the Colossus that ran at a decent frame-rate, but never a single mention of Fable. Ah well, it's coming regardless. And that's hardly a bad thing!

Thanks Daniel!


    Hmm I'd love to play it again too, but to invest money in to it seems a bit silly as Fable 4 will likely be out in the not too distant future right?

      Really? I figured the series was dead. It wasn't even a good death either, it started ever since Fable 2.


        It's a franchise I would always want to play, but I agree. I still think they can bring it back on track!

        I concur. The original Fable was surprisingly immersive. I tried to play the other ones, but they just felt too ludicrous.

    Peter wouldn't have allowed them to look backwards like this....

      Really? Fable 3 felt like a massive step backwards...

        Forwards if you sadly played through the bossless fable 2... Aka franchise ruined 2

    The screenshots I've seen look like its full fledged affair, comparing old and new

    If they went and made a port/HD update of the second game for PC I might be interested. I don't want to fall into a series when I can't play the middle third of it.

    Yay for remakes that no one actually asked for.

    In all seriousness I’m not against the concept. It would have to be a complete rebuild though, and be closer to the original vision that Molyneux gave us.

    Awesome! Thank you! Please just make it HD, don't mess around with it!

    I myself will happily look forward to this. I replayed Fable: The Lost Chapters a million times on PC and loved it. I think it was what started my late love for RPGs. Wooo this is oil news if it happens.

    3 was ehish, it was decent but not good. 1 rocked. Haven't played 2 since I'm a PC fag only :p (oh and 3ds).

    I'm one of those people who asked Lionhead. On twitter, Facebook, and their forums. Because fuck you all, I'd take this over an HD remake of Halo or other such shit


    Fable was a good game, but I don't think it is good enough to invest time and money to update it. It does look nice though.

    I don't know if I will throw down money again for Fable 1, but I always liked Jack of Blades' visual design.

    I don't mind if this just turns out to be an updated version of the first fable with better graphics. I definately wouldn't mind playing it again. If it turns out to be a 're-imagining' of the first fable, perhaps create an off-shoot where it can possibly turn out to be a much better series of games then by all means! It was always awesone to start off as a kid and develop your character over the years, perhaps in a way they can create a different set of choices and means of skillfull progression as a character. Not to mention the Devil Horns you develop when being quite evil :)

    Yay! Jack is coming back! in the only good Fable ever made now with a shinny new coat of paint!.

    Wasn't Halo Anniversary a HD remake of the first game? Or are you referring to another Halo game?

    I never had an N64 and have held out on playing Ocarina of Time in the hope that a HD remake will come! Please make it so!! Will happy if Windwaker makes a comeback as hinted on Nintendo's E3 site.

    Fable was a amazing game, its just a real shame the other 2 lacked innervation and any form of evolution from the first one. Just more of the same like the CoD series.

    having only played the second game, super pumped for this remake. had a great time with Fable 2

    I hope Microsoft aren't going to continue this trend of remaking everything once it's 10 years old. Fable was good for its time, but an HD remake seems unnecessary to me.

    I loved Fable. PLayed through it a ton of times. Really hope this is an actual thing.

    Wait, did that say Xbox 360 on that trailer?
    With the Xbone less than a year away?
    Isn't Lionhead owned by MS?

    I asked for this, many people on the LionHead forums asked for this. YES!

    I still replay fable from time to time. one of my all time favourite games.
    i am still hoping they make a new one as good as the original. change nothing but the graphics and the storyline and id be happy

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