Man, Yoshi's New Island Is, Like, So Jazzy

You know that there's going to be a fair bit of challenge in the upcoming 3DS platformer. But the tunes in this new trailer make the loveable dinosaur's next adventure feel really, really mellow.

That's probably for the best. Baby Mario needs soothing, y'know?


    I don't like the graphics, the SNES original had great stylised graphics, this just looks like Yoshi's Story :-/

      Seconded. Every time I see this I feel sad.

    *sigh* Sequels to some of my favourite SNES games? What's next, the third Chrono Trigger? I really wasn't planning on buying a 3DS :/

      Glad you said thrird, so much confusion about Cross in the waves :D

    It's outsourced to Artoon former devs, what did you expect
    Yoshi's Island DS sucked as well

    The day Nintendo concentrates on a Yoshi game is when we'll see a good one again.

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