Mario & Mega Man: Together At Last

A human. An android. Will they be friends? Foes? Who knows? My first thought after seeing this image from the official Super Smash Bros.: “A million slashfic stories start here.”


    Mario, Sonic and Megaman all on the same console. Weird.

      It's happened before. They were all on the GameCube.

      Last edited 13/06/13 3:10 pm

        And Wii.

          And GBA.

          And DS.

    Slashfic is your first thought? Sure, Mario might be staring at MM's metal package, but even so, I didn't go there until I read the article :\

    I may have to buy Nintendo just for Smash Bros.

      Haven't had a Nintendo console since the N64 but Super Smash Bros on that was one of the best games by far.

        For sure. Pure genius. Goldeneye, Smash Bros, Mario 64, Mario Kart, Zelda. Life for pretty much 3/4 years.

          Exactly the same favourite games here. I also loved Lylat Wars too. Can't beat the N64 era.

      Purchasing the entire company seems a tad extreme.

        I need to do it. If I buy Nintendo, then sell Smash Bros. franchise to Microsoft, I may be able to help them from completely destroying themselves.

    This should be in Attitude magazine.

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