Mass Effect Cosplay Done Right

Anatomic Latex is a store that specialises in, well, latex cosplay gear. For those sci-fi and comic book characters whose outfits can't be matched with cloth and fabric.

You'd think that would be an in for a cheap and pervy cash-in, something more "fetish" than "cosplay", but these guys surprisingly take their craft real serious, and it has stunning results.

Example? Their Mass Effect costumes are some of the best I've ever seen. The EDI outfit has her mechanical panels and joints actually engraved in the latex, and just like on the "real" thing, the orange and yellow strips light up.

Their Kasumi outfit is also a work of art. If you head to their site you can see more of their costumes, including more Mass Effect (Miranda, Asari), Tron and Batman.

Anatonic Latex [Site, via Fashionably Geek]


    Yep, except that last pic, I dunno why but it just strikes me as very wrong. Dunno why? Possibly just Kasumis face?

    Just googled. Ah yes, Kasumi has 'raccoon eyes'. i.e. black makeup around the eyes, this doesn't. That's why.

    Wow, Checked out the site, EDI is definately my favourite.

    Wow EDI one is ..... wow ... Kasumis .... not so much (looks like the person has a fat lip)

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