Maybe A Zelda Movie Could Work After All

Nintendo has, smartly, mostly ignored Hollywood following 1993’s Super Mario Bros. movie. So we don’t have a Zelda movie. Many people think, smartly, that this is a good thing, because there’s every chance a Hollywood adaptation would be awful.

But there’s a small chance it might not be. I mean, if fans (in this case, the super-talented Corridor Digital) can make something this good – seriously, the fight scenes are some of the best you’ll ever see in a passion project – why couldn’t someone with more money?

Link’s Shadow [YouTube]


  • nah man that was damn good. They shouldve explained that link arrived late coz he was busy styling his hair.

  • Hollywood and Video Games really can’t get along.
    Hollywood insists on taking off masks and helmets and making silent characters speak. Instead of getting the Lord of the Rings multi-movie treatment, massive sagas get compressed into one movie. Plots get openly tossed out the window because they ‘don’t work’ for the format, and the budget for an entirely computer-generated movie character seems to be so much higher than for an entirely computer-generated video game character, to the point that they decide not to bother and make unfaithful sacrifices to fidelity as a compromise. Games whose selling point is the sense of player agency in major decisions (Witcher/Mass Effect) lose not only the impact and emotional investment of interactivity, but also alienate anyone who didn’t make the choices now considered canon.

    And that’s just the START. But mostly it’s about making mutes speak and taking heroes helmets and masks off. After all, actors wither and die if their beautiful face isn’t on the screen after a while.

    • V for Vendetta
      But that’s the only exception I can think of.
      Otherwise yes, it’s a real hazard and I think until Ninendo and other IP owners are willing to give small production companies a chance we won’t see much improvement for a long time to come.

      • And that was from a graphic novel, rather than a video game! (Comics have been getting better actually, see Spiderman 2, the Nolan Batman series, Avengers.)

    • I don’t really mind when things are changed, because if I really wanted the original experience I’d go back to the source material. Things need to change for a successful adaptation, and that’s fine provided the changes don’t suck.

      Also, you know what’s worse than cramming everything into one movie? Assuming you’ll be able to finish the story in a sequel that never comes.

  • Best rendition I’ve seen for far- but the issue is (and it’s an extremely critical one) is casting. Pick the right Link- one that doesn’t need to wear a blonde wig and over exert emotion. Musical composition was epic, special effects and speed ramping was top notch. Give us the wandering swordsman he originally was!

    Or a cartoon- Windwaker animation would fit the job well.

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