Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Is Out July 9 For PS3

Here's the first trailer for Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy. 8 games in all, plus a couple of graphic novels. It's a trip down memory lane for those of you that have played any of these titles over the last 25 (!) years. The collection is out July 9, 2013, for the PS3.


    But... where are the Metal Gear Acid games? Guess they're holding them back so they can double dip with ANOTHER set in 6 months :P

      I love Metal Gear Acid games, so seeing they aren't included makes me so very, very sad.

        It's because Metal Gear Acid games are not part of the Metal Gear timeline (noticed that Snake's Revenge is not the list either)

        I didn't get the HD collection...but this might be the one to get

          Portable Ops is, where's that?

            Good question...I didn't see that.

            It was in the HD Collection so I don't see why its not in the Legacy Collection

              Portable Ops wasn't in the HD collection, you must be thinking of Peace Walker.

              Anyway, someone's answered down below. They are only games that Hideo Kojim was directly involved with.

      It looks as though all the titles, from OG Metal Gear to Metal Gear Solid 4 are all canon. The Ac!d games and Ghost Babel (also Snake's Revenge *shudder*) aren't Canon titles.

        Portable Ops is missing, and that is canon.

        Only the games directed by Kojima are included in the Legacy Collection.

          I always got the feeling that PO was the ugly step-child of the MGS family, and was kind of shunned after it's release by both fans and the creators. It really should have been made like Peace Walker, but they were trying to cater for people who would only play a little bit at a time (hence the short missions/scenarios), but PW showed that people still wanted the same MGS experience even on a hand held.

            Yeah it's honestly not a very good game. But Kojima himself actually said the reason I gave is the reason PO isn't included.


    ^not for Europe/Australia

        You'll need an American account to play mgs. Plus all my files for peace walker, etc wont crossover internationally. But yeah for collectors purposes this works.

          You won't need an American account to play, the ps3 is region free when it comes to games.

          What Dmac said, you shouldn't need an american account. All the other games I've gotten off there (including the MGS HD collection) work fine with my AU account.

            Mgs is a download only title. Not on disc. You'll need a us account. Not that that is too hard :)

              okay, didn't realise that, but it won't be that bad, I made an american account years ago

              Dang I had no idea. I think you can already buy MGS over PSN anyway? But then you would paying double I guess. Ah well just have to play my original copy of MGS1 on my original fat PS2.

                You can actually play it on your PS3 man, all PlayStation discs work on the PS3, unless of course its not legit.

    No Twin Snakes? In this age of HD remakes, why release the PS1 version of MGS? Surely the Nintendo rights to Twin Snakes has ended right?

      ...can they even "end"? I mean they wouldn't necessarily have the rights to MGS any more, but Twin Snakes would still be theirs.

      I much rather the psx visual if it means having the original voice acting, not the "improved" VAs from Twin Snakes.

      Nintendo was the distributor for Twin Snakes, so i think they retain rights over it.

    i would ve got this if, PS4 was PS3 compatible.
    I played all of those games to death, except the 1st two MG games.

    I just started playing through the series, bought MG1 off PSN, and bought the HD collection and MGS4... how did i miss this. :(

    Anyone else bothered by how Hideo always gets all the credits and so on despite the huge numbers of other people that have worked on these games? I know it happens in a lot of mediums (games, tv, films) but with MGS he just really seems to want to be the focal point...
    Don't get me wrong though, love the few games I've played (MGS1 to 3 + SNES).

      He's the bloke at the top who makes the final decisions, so he gets the credit (or takes the blame).

      I think Kojima is pretty much considered the auteur, especially as the game is so idiosyncratic. kinda like Sid Meier.

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