Metal Gear Solid V On The Xbox One Looks Fantastic

Today during the Microsoft press conference at E3, Microsoft unveiled a ton of new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain footage. Snake seems to be in Afghanistan, can ride horses, and still does that whole sneaking thing.


    Hmmmm... whos this weirdo standing in the background?


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    I ain't gonna lie, that looks fucking amazing. Still not sure about Keifer though...

      I'm sure it'll be a great game but when snake spoke and all i could hear was jack bauer i died a little inside

    Metal Gear Redemption, or Red Dead Gear.

    1:07 Hi-ho silver, awaaaaay.

    That looks amazing. If it's a launch title, it means an Xbox One purchase for certain...

      FYI, it's not an Xbone exclusive. Will be out on PS4 for sure and maybe even current consoles.

    This is looking awesome. It's what I imagined when I first heard about MGS3 being about Big Boss. Not that MGS3 was a bad game at all.

    I'm disappointed there's only one single Red Dead Redemption mention on this whole page.

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