Microsoft Games Are Coming To Android, iOS Phones

You read that right. Develoepr Klab will be bringing a mobile version of Age of Empires to both iOS and Android devices later this year.

A report on Nikkei says the game will be free-to-play, so it's likely a port of the recent PC reboot of the series. It's also merely the first in a line of Microsoft properties the Japanese developer will be porting to mobile.

Weird that a Microsoft franchise would be coming to phones that aren't Windows phones. Weird, but smart.

If Age of Empires is first, I wonder what's next. Halo Wars might be in line for a second wind, and Project Gotham is due for some re-release love as well...

マイクロソフト、他社スマホにゲーム配信 iPhoneなど 囲い込み戦略転換、日本勢にも影響か [Nikkei]


    I really hope its a good port. Can't wait to play AoE on the iPad.

    I would love to see another Halo Wars... but please, not a half-baked tablet game :(

    Microsoft have done well with a number of their studios and a number of mobile friendly titles. I can definitely see things like Project Gotham, Geometry Wars, Halo Wars (although I believe they have a Halo title for mobile in the works), and even Fable (perhaps as a CCG?).

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