Microsoft's E3 Press Conference, Made Shorter And Much Funnier

Maybe you're curious what Microsoft showed at their E3 press conference this morning. But maybe you don't have time to watch the whole thing? Also, maybe you'd like it to be much funnier than it was. You're in luck!

Matt Lees from has done another of his "abridged version" videos, this time for Microsoft's E3 press conference. It's a safe bet he'll have Sony up at some point.


    Haha that was brilliant! Can't wait for a Sony abridged version

    Halo 5 looks cool

    shame microsfot doesnt want my money

      No they do want your money, just ALL of it for the rest of your life

    Hilarious, thanks for that - saved me many minutes of watching the stream and a whole lot more entertaining I dare say

    Decent, but I found TB's version far superior. His genuine cynical prick attitude just comes off sounding far less forced, while also sprinkling some deserved praise where praise is due.
    The link in case anyone wanted it.

      Praise where it's due? It's beat-up-microsoft-week, don't mention praise!

        I was referring to Project Spark and Sunset OD >_>

          NO! If they are platform exclusives they must be derided at best, shunned and ignored if they look badical awesome. We will be permitted to acknowledge their existence and 'okayness' if they lose their exclusivity.

          Don't worry. You will be contacted.

            Thankfully then Project Spark is also coming to Win8. :D

    Lol at the Witcher 3 part! :D

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