Mirror's Edge 2 Is 'Open World', More Of An 'Action Adventure'

I love Mirror's Edge so much I'm not going to get into it here, but the game had its faults. All those indoor bits, mostly. I wanted to run free!

Developers DICE are keeping tight-lipped on the game for the most part, but one thing they did disclose - and it's pretty important - is that there are some changes on the way to the game's structure.

"What I can say is we're taking more of an action adventure approach on it than maybe before," EA's Patrick Söderlund told CVG. "First-person, running predominantly - this will be more of an action adventure game, but true to what the first one was to a large extent."

DICE, you had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

UPDATE: EA's Frank Gibeau has since labelled the title an "open-world action adventure game".

New Mirror's Edge 'more action adventure' than original, says EA exec [CVG]


    Hopefully Action does not translate to shooter.

      The clips suggest brawler actually, which I think would be disappointing too. However, free running seems perfect for an open-world game.

        Hopefully the combat will remain largely an optional thing.

          I hope they have another Test of Faith type achievement. Optional though it was, it was just a little push for me to play the game the way I think it was meant to be played, and I loved every minute of it.

    If they can marry the open-worldness of Prototype with the free-running experience of Mirror's Edge.. I'll be in love.

      That's a day one buy For me. I'd even pay Australia tax.

    All the indoor bits were faults?! Geez, it's been a while since I played the game, but I remember the indoor bits as being fine. All except the mall escape. Man, it was damn annoying going for that swing bar on the ceiling, and getting shot at while swinging. All compounded when trying to do a speed run.

      Don't forget The Boat level.

      An enclosed, low ceiling place with lots of mooks that required you to be semi-stealthy or in all out combat. After that you had to dodge and run through sniper alleys and then a chase that ended in a forced fisty-cuff fight.

        Yep, that was tough. I remember half the boat as being outdoors though, especially that chase and fight. The indoor bits were all good. Except maybe for that sprint past the cars, scrambling up the pipe in the far corner, with the guards I'd zipped past taking pot shots at me. Once in the ceiling, I was all good.

        That fight completely pissed me off. I knocked that guy about six ways from Sunday, but because I didn't go for the crucial disarm at the crucial moment (choosing to dodge/off-balance instead), I kept failing to trigger the 'win' sequence, and just ended up in a stupidly-protracted beat-down I couldn't win.

        As for the other sequences with too many guns... in the end, I completely gave up on subtlety and played like a FPS, mercilessly gunning down all the opponents until there were none left to fight. THEN I'd continue my joyous free-running in peace.

        It was probably not the intended experience.

    What's the difference between a wall and a bottomless pit?

    You wanted the freedom to kill yourself?

    I didn't think the problem with ME was the inside bits, it was the way I would get lost frequently and press that damn button that showed me the way to go and it would face me at a wall or a pit.

    Getting lost was it's problem, otherwise a great game.

      "Wait... THAT'S the path? How the hell do I get up there?"
      "You have to do that move you never mastered."
      "Ohhhhhhh. Balls."

      I like to think it was part racing game, part puzzle-game.


        It was a racing game that meant you had to take the best path possible to get the best speed...and I loved it.

    I loved everything about the original, even the bits other folks seemed to hate. I hope this game actually doesn't stray very far from that at all.

      You loved getting lost?

        Actually, kind of, yes. I never got badly lost in that game (maybe I was lucky), and I really liked having only about two seconds to look around frantically for my next destination. Very exciting, frenetic gameplay.

          I found it very frustrating especially when guys up on the rafters were taking shots at me.
          I gave up on that no guns achievement at some point before giving up on the game entirely.

          I like dthe concept but not the execution. :(

    Buy's mirror's edge 2...tells people I'm going out for a run.

    Last edited 14/06/13 2:21 pm

    I can't remember the inside stuff being tough.. I just remember the combat being horrible, almost universally. The gaps for triggering the counters were way to small.

    I didn't mind the concept of having guns etc in the game and i definitely didn't mind the in doors bits some of my favorite bits involved being inside and having to weave in the corridors find vents etc on the fly. The worst part was the shooter parts were slow.
    I would prefer to be able to run full pace and inaccurately fire eg "from the hip" with smgs and be able to accurately fire if a slowed down. pistols should be accurate even at full sprint.

    Also things like throwing knives/stars would have helped it feel more fluid.

    i wouldnt mind being able to hang from a drain pipe with a pistol in hand and take shots at people and then instantly scoot up the pipe. same could be done with smgs.
    eg faith holds onto the pipe with legs or maybe a single hand shoots slings smg over shoulder very quick and keeps climbing.

    Open world GTA style for general non mission game play and then slightly more narrow focus for missions. I like scripted scenes for chases etc. Open world chases can be kind of boring if there isnt a very obvious best route to take.

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