Mobile’s Call Of Duty Closes On Consoles With Modern Combat 5

Unable to contain its excitement until next week, Gameloft rolls out the explosive teaser trailer for the next instalment in the Call of Duty-aping Modern Combat series. I hope you like turrets.

Sure, there are official Call of Duty offshoots on mobile, but if you want a ham-fisted story and a rich competitive multiplayer experience, Gameloft’s got that side of things covered. Looks like Gameloft has inched the experience closer to console quality than ever before, just in time for a new generation of consoles to show up and raise the bar out of reach. Oh well. Can we at least get a Modern Combat dog up in here?


  • touch screen shooters simply do not work, does not matter how pretty they are. well unless covering the screen with your thumbs and using in accurate controls is your thing. but is definitely not mine. and i doubt many game enthusiasts see it much differently.

    • version on the Nvida shield could be nice… not a touchscreen system, i know but portable none the less.

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