My Super Personal Top 5 PSN Games

Just as it is on XBLA and Steam, there are a lot of games on PSN that you really should play. Here’s my personal top five.
[related title=”Online Store Week” tag=”online-store-week” items=”5″]As with all the choices this week (Mark’s take on XBLA and mine on the Wii U eShop and Steam) these are all personal choices, and you’re more than welcome to disagree in the comments below.

Mega Man 9

Capcom’s done so many weird things with Mega Man over the years that it was in serious danger of forgetting what made Mega Man so… Mega, I guess. Luckily, it then churned out Mega Man 9 to show us how it should be done. If you’re a fan of retro gaming (and you should be), and you like a hard challenge then Mega Man 9 should be on your PS3.

Pac Man Championship Edition DX

There was a time when the final pursuit of any electronic game was pretty simple. You chased a high score, and, if you beat it, you set out to beat it again. Pac Man Championship Edition DX gets that motif so astonishingly right, I still find myself loading it up, time and time again to try to get just a few more points. Just one more go… and then I might get some sleep.


From a game with no plot above, to a game with little in the way of introduction… but one that’s both nicely challenging as well as supremely disturbing. Limbo’s an excellent case of doing a whole lot with very little; I can easily play any number of shooters where I inflict terrible wounds and think nothing of it, but every time I fail in Limbo, it tugs at my heartstrings.

Double Dragon Neon

Double Dragon Neon is awash in the absolute excesses of the 1980s, and for that, I love it more than a little. Sure, there’s a nostalgia pull there, helped out by some genuinely funny moments and music, but at its core, Neon delivers what the Double Dragon games have always delivered, and that’s a damned fine beat-em-up experience. They do still make them like that, it turns out.


Do I need to say much more about Journey that hasn’t already been said, over and over again?
Do I really have to?
Is it actually necessary? Hasn’t everything already been said?
All I’ll say is this. Journey. Play it. It’s better for you than eating 500kgs of raw bacon. I bet that’s never been said before.

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