Naked Butts, Christopher Lee And Mouse Poop = One Insane Trailer

Nearly 30 years after the first game was released, veteran British developer Mel Croucher has decided that now is the time to jump on the Kickstarter bandwagon and make a sequel to 1984 cult classic Deus Ex Machina. You can see the trailer above.

Its got Christopher Lee in it! And a rock music soundtrack, just the original. And... well, I'll leave you to soak up the rest of it yourselves (know that the first game was bonkers, if that helps).

The game's actually been in development for a few years - hence all this footage - but hey, it can't hurt to get more cash together to get it over the line.

Deus Ex Machina 2 [Kickstarter]



    I think the acid just kicked in.

      hehehe im freaking out man

    That was really strange...
    I'm not familiar with the original... what's the gameplay? Some sort of floating or floaty walking obstacle avoiding acid trip?

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