New Elysium Trailer Is Awesome

Have you been waiting anxiously for more details on Neill Blomkamp’s new movie Elysium? Well hang on — this video is going to make your eyeballs explode.

Loaded with new footage, this trailer sets up Matt Damon’s dystopian hellhole, and then blows it away. Get ready to be excited, people, because Neill Blomkamp is back!


  • We’ve already seen Blomkamp walk a masterful line between fan-service and cerebral sci-fi. Early signs suggest the first time wasn’t a fluke.

    Colour me very excited for this and Gravity. I thought it was okay, but I predict this year Into Darkness will prove the weakest of the crop (much like the first reboot which launched in the same year as Moon and District 9). Franchises are bottom-feeders, the safe bet. Only when studios let talent tell their own stories do we get our generation’s classics.

      • nah, i think the Star Trek reboots are okay but each time they come out, it’s a bumper year for sci-fi and imo they get overshadowed by finer flicks. franchises seem to not aim the bar too high and just end up regurgitating what worked last time. but the real deal is in the smaller more daring flicks.

        • I can understand that reasoning, what with the other ‘bigger’ releases in the form of Pacific Rim, Superman, and Elysium – each will most likely perform well. As to actual content, be thankful it’s not Michael Bay at the helm of Star Trek..

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