New Wolfenstein Trailer Shows Nazis In The White House And On The Moon

What if the Beatles were Nazis? That’s just one of the questions that live-action+CG+gameplay trailer for the Wolfenstein: The New Order reboot brings up.

The clip has some fun perverting some of the 20th century’s best known photographs and shows us that the Nazis’ domination over the rest of the world is pretty all-encompassing.


    I like the mood and the music the trailer sets, and I do hope that it appears in the game so its not just a run'n'gun game.

    Also, the impression I got from the trailer and BJ was that he knew how the future should have been, which sort of suggests time travel... Or the trailers getting creative and trying to get us to think of what a world controlled by nazis would sort of be like (you still had key moments but not as you remembered them)

    The moon scene made me think of Iron Sky. I'm kind of curious to see where they go with this, and whether we just saw all the good parts.

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    I feel sorry for our German game-playing brethren who will never see this one.

    I am excited. I always loved Wolfenstein as a kid and this play on the more modern world with crazy Nazi tech is right up Wolfenstein's territory.

    I think we have a true grade A sequel on our hands.

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