New Zealand Man Gets Sick Of Playing Xbox, Asks To Go To Prison

You'd think a 19-year-old convicted criminal would be happy to avoid jail in favour of home detention and the chance to get some gaming done. But not in the case of this unnamed New Zealander.

Having already served 10 months of an 11-month sentence for an undisclosed crime, the man called his local police station and told them that, because he "had run out of Xbox games to play", he was in danger of breaking his parole conditions if he wasn't locked up.

The cops duly obliged, and he's spending the last month of his sentence Xbox-free in the slammer.

Man sick of playing Xbox on home detention asks for jail [New Zealand Herald — thanks Brent!]


    Queue jokes about Xbox One and 24 hour offline limit. Can't wait for a good laugh.


    Oh... not the article. What's amazing is the strenuous link that allowed you to think that this was a Kotaku worthy article.

    Should of told him that EB are having a sale

      Getting lost in a sea of red SALE posters is a fate far more cruel than prison.

        Not to mention having your ears pummeled with that annoying, overly excited voice over on the in-store promos.

      Aren't EB always having a sale?

    fair enough, he didn't want to break the law again and he was bored out of his mind, at least he knows when he doesn't have the self control to stop himself.

      I agree, I don't understand people here. He is aware of his shortcomings and has taken steps to prevent further damage to himself. Good on him for the forethought.

    If only the Xbone was already out, he could've watched TV on it

    'New Zealand Man Gets Sick Of Playing Xbox'
    "had run out of Xbox games to play”

    I got click baited :(

    Couldn't he just order some new games? Or buy some off XBL? Or even just dl some free demos if he was short on money.

    Or maybe he wasn't allowed internet access as part of his home detention conditions. There's another thing to consider for XBone - it'll be useless to you if you're a convicted felon who isn't allowed internet access.

      IIRC PS3's already aren't allowed at most prisons because they can access Wi-fi really easily and convicts aren't supposed to. If this is the case most convicts will still be stuck with 360's or maybe Wii U's from now on (assuming PS4 will be the same as PS3 was but who knows).

    10 Months! Man I would have made the call after 10 weeks!

      Maybe he was playing Skyrim or something...

      Either way, you'd have to be pretty damn bored of whatever you were playing to choose a month of involuntary sodomy over another month playing whatever it was.

        Hopefully not in their lowest security prison! If someone who went for six months for unpaid speeding tickets turns to prison rape then you know something is wrong with your correction system

    Dafuq? Should lock him up an extra month for being such a moron.

    What happens when he gets out and has nothing to play? Will he get bored and commit another crime?

    Prob heard the prison has a ps3 and Last of Us is out next week lol

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