'Next Gen' Call Of Duty Has Some Old Tricks

This video for Call of Duty: Ghosts is all about hyping the next-gen visuals we'll be getting on versions of the game for platforms like the Xbox One and PS4.

While the videos you saw yesterday show actual gameplay, this pops the hood and shows you some of the tech that differentiates the next-gen editions from those on systems like the Xbox 360 and PS3.

PC gamers, be polite.

Call of Duty Ghosts Next Gen Graphics - Xbox One, PS4 [Charlie Intel]


    WOW! Displacement mapping? Holy shit! This tech is amazing!

    ...and the same damn thing they used in Crysis 6 years ago.

    This is damn stupid. I hate how Infinity Ward always make a big deal out of minute changes that other game devs have been doing for years. Every time they make a video on this sort of thing they act as though they're revolutionising games and they're really just getting with the times.

    That adaptive light technology was in freaking Halo 3 for Christ's sake...

      they've gotta do something to take the attention away from the bland gameplay

      Hey, did you see how they claimed that the next CoD will feature the most advance graphics ever, then someone posted a comparison of Crysis 3 on PC compared to CoD?

      It was also in HL2, or at least in lost coast.... 9 years ago?

      I'd like to see you write your own build engine from scratch with those features, they are still new in the first and you don't get access to someone else's engine source to steal their way of doing things.... Take a course in software development before making commenting like that.

        "you don't get access to someone else's engine source"



        Please, are you 13? It's basic logic. I don't need a certificate in programming to know that if it's been done 6 years ago it's pathetic to be bragging about it as though it's cutting edge tech now.

        but they don't have their own engine, it's an aped version of id's. maybe infinity ward should do a course.

    All that advancement for consoles and yet the water STILL looks like crap...

    As a PC gamer, I'm just glad that these techniques - which are indeed old hat, but rarer than they should be - will be standard now and will appear much more often.

    Wow, HDR light adjustment, hasn't been in Arma 2 for quite some time.

    "PC gamers, be polite."

    whaaat? I'm just watching man c'mon.... but SRSLY this is so old-hat haha =P

    seems to me that all you guys do is bitch about things when they get created or announced. If I were your mothers I would have given you nothing and me; everything ;)

    IN Call of duty's defense, they have clearly been developing for console first, PC second.

    That is why all this tech that was available and has been in PC games for years is finally being implemented to COD, because they now have the hardware of the next gen consoles to bring their processing power to that of a 3 year old high end PC.

      Super Mario 64, for the Nintendo 64 ( a console) had the "advanced AI" that allows fish to swim away from you.

      Just look at the console version of Bf3 for a bit of comparison

    All this "new" stuff means nothing. Most CoD players will spend most of their time camping Nuke Town

    I hope the kinect knows what to do when I say: "Jerry Lee, Sick balls!"

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